You Know Both Ends of Dr Martens

You Know Both Ends of Dr Martens

January 16, 2018 Electronics 0

Whenever I see the news of Dr Martens, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I love their proposals, but on the other hand, I am not able to take any of their boots. If you are of my team, I have good news: today we bring you the casual line Dr Martens, much more relaxed and wearable.

At the opposite end will be that, after several models of Dr Martens in his power, want something more than a simple boot smooth Bordeaux. As for you we bring you today the reinvented line Dr Martens, much more original and striking. Do you prefer which end?

We started with the casual version of Dr Martens, formed mostly by desert boots and other lines boots more rounded, less aggressive, they can satisfy those who, like me, are lovers of the firm but not dare with their boots. Do you think you this casual version?

For those who, on the contrary extreme, does not comply with models standards of the firm, do not worry, because there is also a line for them. It is of the reinvented line, in which patterns, fabric mixes and tacks protagonists of this mythical footwear are made. Do you prefer the reinvented version?

Now comes the turn of your assessment. Do you prefer the simple end of the Dr Martens casual line or the more extravagant version of the reinvented line? You stay with the classical models of always?


Carita mandarina | Karla’s Faces

Carita mandarina | Karla's Faces