Xiaomi MI Max in the Practice Test: Smartphone Giant Dwarf Price

Xiaomi MI Max in the Practice Test: Smartphone Giant Dwarf Price

March 25, 2017 Electronics 0

Test verdict: What you should know

XXXL-screen with enough focus, strong mid-range hardware with large battery and two good cameras the Xiaomi MI Max is a world-class giant! The operation is a revelation whether size at the beginning of getting used to, which are blurred boundaries between Tablet and Smartphone but just watch the movies or games. If you want a great Smartphone with current hardware, not passes currently Max Wed. Yet there are downsides: the missing LTE volume 20 should be a knockout criterion for many users, as well as the cumbersome purchase from the far East. Best price on the Internet: 239.00 euro * this product at Amazon order per outstanding value for money sharp, huge full-HD display powerful mid-range hardware good camera long battery life fingerprint sensor and dual SIM contra no LTE volume 20 purchase only on detours from China possible from work without German language assessment of editorial good users rating now write a plus, XL and what the marketing departments still everything for ornamental epithet invents XXL-smartphones are fully in line with the trend. So, Samsung increased its Galaxy S7 edge compared to the S6-edge predecessor just to stately 0.4 inch, equivalent to 1 cm. Excited cries fail, much of the technology company has long accustomed to rapid growth. Even Apple could plus the megalomania that in September 2014 featured iPhone 6 won’t escape. Only the iPhone SE coincides with its 4-inch screen from the frame, in addition to the mini exception technically equivalent XS alternatives are now but scarce. In China, considering not only one, but several numbers greater. Above all Xiaomi: the Chinese cult brand with the new MI Max a real mobile scrappy to the predatory pricing (starting at 200 euro!) brought out, which doesn’t make it likely to through formal channels to Germany. It’s a shame as the test shows.

Xiaomi MI Max: XXXL Klopper from China

… Is that… huge!

Who MI holds the Xiaomi Max for the first time in his hands, know that the name is not a decorative accessory. Instead, it is a program. The China-phone is a giant come true, even with big man claws it is operable barely with one hand. The mass speak a clear language: 173, 1 x 88, 3 x 7, 5 mm technology mass squeeze between your fingers and will somehow find their place in your pocket. If the owner then finds not the tightest skinny jeans from the closet pulls out, even this monster without dents or aching prints easily its way into the Pocket and out of. 2.5 cm display sizes difference that creates iPhone 6S plus usually is say good despite nearly 1 inch, only slightly smaller (size: 158, 2 x 77, 9 x 7, 3 mm). In width, the two Smartphone rivals take little. With its 7.5 mm max the MI is very thin and the comparatively high weight 199 grams is evenly distributed over the large area. Accordingly, it is big hands provided yet surprisingly well in the hand. If it falls out of hand once, the smooth back should make the main culprit. It consists of chic and somewhat thin geratenem aluminium, which provides little grip with sweaty fingers. The edge is also made of smooth metal, above and below the antenna behind two covers made of plastic are hidden. Through the plastic in a darker metallic look, there are slight deductions in the B Note. However, doesn’t look that Max MI like a terrible monster, reminiscent of a (to) overblown beauty from the far East.

Video on the subject

MI Max of China shooting star Xiaomi offers gigantic 6.44 inches at a very low price. How good it is, reveals COMPUTER image in the test. Cheap giant in the test: that’s how good Max Xiaomi MI? Smartphones, notebooks & co.: Top technology from China

Sharp XXXL display


Optics or the screen combines all the attention on himself. Gigantic 6.44 inches press space in the housing. These are ludicrous 16.4 centimetres! Here are more than two million image points, providing sufficient sharpness thanks to full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). The pixel density of 342 ppi (pixels per inch) would be not high resolution enough for a VR glasses, but not individual pixels are visible at normal viewing distance. Initially, the big picture slays one. But within a very short time, the diagonal is a habit. A phenomenon that just TV buyers know to well. Where we are on TV: the MI Max perfectly suited for the mobile office here typos for space reasons are excluded. Also the multimedia leisure activity on the Road experienced a boom: series, movies, and games are on the XXL screen much fun. The 6.44 inches are likely to be a good and just barely suitable for everyday use compromise between Smartphone and Tablet for many users. A compromise should be noted but also at the quality of the screen: it weakens when the angle of view. Look not frontally on the Xiaomi mobile detects quickly distorted colors and decreasing brightness. Are the colors and the contrast for the middle class in order, however, and even in the light, the display shows no nakedness. Content can be still easy to read even in more sunlight.


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Solid middle-class interior


Under the giant display of Xiaomi MI Max working solid hardware from the middle class. A good neither Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 with eight processor cores is the clock in this model (4xCortex-A72- and 4XCortex-A53-Kerne) and per 1.4 gigahertz. In computing, 3 gigabyte help memory which ensures a consistently lag-free control daily life along with the fast CPU. For the mind: The 650er family in the House of Qualcomm is among the processor elite, has beaten only the more energy-efficient 820er series, which runs but only with four processor cores. Accordingly high and the performance potential of the MI is Max, which confirm the benchmark runs: in Antutu, it is enough to impressive 78.270 points, Geekbench 3 measures good 1,535 single and 4.930-multi core points. Thus, the Max on the Smartphone Olympus knocks on the door, performance technically ahead of many Smartphone celebs, also in front of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 (approximately 70,000 points). Good for players: the Adreno-510 graphic unit provides enough power for 3D games, showcase race games run perfectly smoothly like asphalt Nitro.


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Camera and software on amount of time


The Chinese have thought of two cameras: the 5-megapixel camera is ready for Selfies, 16 mega pixels are used on the rear. The test photos are sufficient for the normal demands of amateur photographers. Snapshots have enough sharpness and colors appear natural. This is particularly well just on the big screen. In the dark that suffers from Max MI typical noise disease, also is the missing image stabilization in low light is noticeable. The Xiaomi MI records videos Max with the maximum 4 k resolution at least in theory. With the test device, no video recordings were possible even after several new pallet, they landed just in the nirvana of the in-house MIUI operating system. This is a modified version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, visually and functionally very oriented toward Apple’s iOS system. No German language is there but pre-installed at the factory. The device also in German can be operated with smaller tricks or the first extensive play of a global version of the operating system. For more information, check out our review to Xiaomi Mi5.


Xiaomi Mi5 in the practice test: cheap flagship with top technology

Monster battery and weaknesses of LTE

Otherwise it offers MI Max all the intricacies of technology that so there are in the middle class: a reliably functioning fingerprint scanner is installed on the back, there is a compartment for two SIM cards on the side. Alternatively a microSD card can be in the hybrid slot store, inexpensive expanded the generous 64-gigabyte memory of the test model. Indeed for film or series junkies, the purchase is worth, the battery endures a lot in everyday life eventually: whopping 4,850 mAh in which MI Max did it. The practice test showed the monster Smartphone as a very persistent. During normal use it is easily two days, what is the most energy-efficient hardware. As vacuum cleaner, the permanent search proves next to Pokémon GO. How Xiaomi smartphones, is missing the for O2 and Vodafone customers as well as the LTE predominantly used in rural areas volume 20 (800 megahertz frequency) complete. Who is on the road in the city and in the telecom network, has fast LTE reception Max with the MI.


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Model confused Warr: Mi or Max?


The Xiaomi MI Max there just three versions officially only in China and India. Therefore interested to purchase must decide for the somewhat unbequemeren import route over one of the large shops (for example AliExpress, Gearbest and Banggood). For 1,499 Renmibi (approximately 200 euros), there is the version with 3 gigabytes (GB) of memory, 32 GB internal memory and the 650 Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm. The medium-sized model is available for 1,699 Renmibi (about 230 euros) in China, but has the more powerful Snapdragon-652-processor and a memory doubled to 64 GB. In the most expensive with 1.999 Renmibi (converted approximately 270 euro) version 4 GB of large memory slumber 128 GB storage space and the fast Snapdragon-652-chip.

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