Wileyfox Spark: Entry-Level Smartphone In The Practice Test

Wileyfox Spark: Entry-Level Smartphone In The Practice Test

March 19, 2017 Electronics 0

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Wileyfox spark is a great entry-level Smartphone for individualists with a smaller purse. The design is chic and unusual, thanks to the cyanogen OS 13 operating system, there are numerous ways to personalize your phone and safer. To join the useful features such as dual-SIM and the fast data link LTE support. The display is sharp and bright, but every fingerprint and grease stain remembers. The slow operating speed and the small space slightly diminish the pleasure. Best price on the Internet: 104,72 euro * this product at Amazon sharp and bright display order Pro,… Higher security and more personalization options with cyanogen OS light and handy unusual design replaceable battery dual SIM LTE contra… The fingerprints magically attracts control slow-paced little free space satisfactory assessment of editorial users rating now assess there is young in the Fox compound: the British manufacturer Wileyfox has developed a new model with the spark for beginners. The plastic Smartphone is slightly thicker than a Samsung Galaxy S7, but also much lighter than the popular top model which is pleasant in the hands. The front page looks spiffy with their rounded edges of the display. As in the Wileyfox Swift, the slightly slippery back consists of brushed on plastic that feels like a fabric cover. Along with the embossed Fox head logo that stands out spark out of the mass of cheaper Android smartphones. Under the removable rear a replaceable battery are dual SIM, as well as the Smartphone dominated shafts for a microsd card and two micro-SIM cards. The volume buttons left and switch right on the housing are processed as well as the rest of the device.

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The Wileyfox offers a modified Android spark, an own design and a good price but well worth buying at all? Wileyfox spark: Beginner Android with cyanogen mod test

Great display with hygiene problem

The display of the Wileyfox is spark 5 inches tall (12.7 centimetres) and throws in HD (1280 x 720 pixels). The screen is a very good game for beginners: he is sharp, bright, colorful, and has a large viewing angle. The contrast is somewhat low on the price terms but quite alright. At Sunshine weakens the display clearly, because it reflects very strongly. Fingerprints also magically stick to the screen, a constant lubricating film makes it difficult to read especially in outdoor operations very.

Cyanogen OS instead of standard Android

Spark runs the open-source operating system cyanogen OS 13 based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on the Wileyfox. Cyanogen OS offers more options for the device and apps as well as better privacy and security options than Google’s Android versions. This practical join functions like an alphabetical app drawer for an increased clarity that there are for example only at Sony and Windows phones. The battery has a slightly below-average capacity of 2,200 mah. The Smartphone via Wi-Fi connects older n standard on the 2.4 gigahertz band, as well as via Bluetooth 4.0. The Wileyfox also supports fast data connection LTE spark. You do, however, have on NFC.

Practice test: Wileyfox spark

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Sluggish operating tempo

The quad-core processor MT6735A by Mediatek to provide a liquid operation with trains of up to 1.3 ghz and the graphics unit Mali T720. The results of various benchmarking tests go for an entry-level device in order: Geekbench 3 the Wileyfox is spark roughly par with Samsung’s Galaxy S4, at the 3D-Grafik-Test gfxbench, the elderly flagship of Samsung beats the British newcomer. Running Nitro graphically demanding games like asphalt with little used. The operating speed is still fast enough in the setting menu, for more complex apps, the Smartphone but often goes to its knees. So that interferes with, for example, when the camera application slow operation.

Little free disk space

1 gigabytes of memory to the side is the processor. The internal memory is, however, 8 gigabytes of which are less than 4 gigabytes free. About short or long you, getting around so not to expand the small space. A microsd card up to 32 gigabyte creates more space according to the manufacturer. The practical test, the Smartphone realized but also a 64-gigabyte memory card. Even larger microsd cards should be so compatible.

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Snapshots with falsified colours

The main camera of the Wileyfox spark has 8 megapixels. The snapping photos is not only the slow camera software noticeable negative: some features like HDR mode are unnecessarily deep buried in various submenus. Outdoor shots are slightly blurred image noise and show a few details. Snapshots are a total of dark colors in doing something too garish. Interior photos show slight picture noise and distorted colors, the brightness of shots indoors but will be fine. Detail shots, colors look heavily adulterated, a yellow flower bloom is, for example, green in the photo. The front-facing camera also draws on 8 mega pixels and take photos of sharp Selfies with natural colors, in which only the noisy background gives rise to the claim. The Smartphone in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) captures video. Movies are not crisp sharp, look for an entry-level device, but better than average. Sample images from the photo comparison device, Samsung Galaxy S7, see the article for download.