Topman Lux Collection: Sobriety in The Colour and Shapes Made Collection

Topman style is unmistakable where you look at. Its refined forms, their silhouettes contrasted as well as the study of color making are some of the factors more eye-catching and appealing for her fans (which are not few). And in collections like this, Lux Collection, a selection of garments designed for holidays and nights label, leave the Topman spirit is different from the rest.

The chromatic range is clearly chosen between white, black and electric blue. They are sober colors, that much stylize the figure and dan porte and class but they also combine well between them creating many synergies, especially the white with the other two. That is reflected in the prnedas of geometric cuts that are committed by black and its obtaining, or the slim fit with electric blue in the blazer and the blasiers.

The collection of footwear and accessories does not abandon that line either and you prefer to join the sobriety and classical forms to leave the limelight to colors and games of shapes and textures. The result is a stylized set of garments ideal for holiday or day out day of those who do not want to especially stand above the rest in terms of bizarre designs or excesses of prints.