Tommy Hilfiger Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: Death by Stamp

Tommy Hilfiger Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: Death by Stamp

January 1, 2018 Electronics 0

As it has become the custom, the preppy most luxurious returned to wander through the Big Apple in its fashion week. For the occasion, American designer opened the doors of its majestic library decorated with shelves full of books and the shields of the prestigious campus Hilfiger presiding over the room.

On a floor of tiles in the form of chess board, this illustrious school students have is to walk their finery. The members of the brotherhood Hilfiger They seem to not want to clash with the ground that step and opt for an overdose of patterns in their clothing. And it is that apparently, Mr Dean intends to that students do not pass unnoticed at any time.

Since a few days ago, he a rumor on campus. Several witnesses say that during an afternoon of study, the Lord Dean He decided to stop by the library to greet your dear students. Then it happened a terrible accident, inexplicably heavier classroom book, fell from the highest shelf over the head of the sr. Tommy Hilfiger.

The coup was dry and our gentleman fell unconscious on the tiles of the library. In nursing, they have those present that the Lord Dean, When he woke up, reached only to scream: Houndstooth! Prince of Wales! Houndstooth and Prince of Wales! All together! Without skimping! Houndstooth! Houndstooth! All together!

Doctors, seeing that their vital signs were in rule, let go home to Mr. Hilfiger. People from campus says that, since then, Mr. Hilfiger no longer the same and suffers a strange obsession for the repetition of prints…

Of course this story is invented, but apparently seen, could well be a reality. As the reader may well check, the autumn of Tommy Hilfiger hypnotize: pants, American, sweaters and lapels repeat pattern. The houndstooth is indisputable in three-quarters of the collection & #8230;

… and displays both the aforementioned clothing shoes & accessories. That recommendation, which we usually do of ‘ If you’re wearing a striking pattern, the rest is liso´ better seems to fall on deaf ears when it comes from the preppy most luxurious.

The always chic british style can often be boring and, if something is marked the preppy, is quite the opposite. Let’s say that Tommy Hilfiger has taken a series of premises of both styles and has mixed them without rhyme nor are they: have courts Classic in tailoring that look a tremendous overlay of prints.

Overdose of patterns goes beyond the houndstooth and he is repeated in the same way in other shapes such as diamonds and stripes. A bet that leaves no one indifferent, but that for a server becomes all wrong for practical purposes.

Although to this point at believe it, the American designer also makes hollow for some plain clothes. It’s coats and suits in color Ivory Despite not being stamped, they follow the same trend as the rest of the collection and may not be as appropriate for wear in cold seasons.

The next autumn-winter of Tommy Hilfiger seeks to exalt the rebelliousness of the preppy style with an uninhibited bid by the superimposition of prints. This circumstance will hand the designer and shows us an excessive radicalization which causes heartburn from stomach to more classical and discrete fashion lover.

Their clothes are cut and made of quality that all we know of the firm, the only (major) problem is saturation displayed on their sets. The wisdom you may use them separately as Mr. Dean made the day of the parade. If so, Mr Hilfiger inform students that no atrocities comment next fall.