TOEFL iBT – Test of English as a Foreign Language administered over the Internet

According to abbreviationfinder, TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language – Internet-based) is for students who need an internationally recognized certificate as proof of their level of English skills for further academic study, work and immigration purposes. TOEFL is an admissions requirement for non-native speakers at over 10,000 universities worldwide.

The test measures your ability to use and understand academic English and is a validation of your level.



B1 – C2


17 years


Minimum 4 weeks (B2 level required on entry)

Minimum 6 weeks (B1 level required on entry)


Every Monday


Maximum 12 students


30 lessons per week (22.5 hours)

This course offers 30 lessons per week with each lesson 45 minutes long. The lessons will focus on improving your accuracy, fluency and confidence in your use of the English language. You will have the opportunity to refresh your knowledge of grammar and put it into practice, perfect your pronunciation and expand your vocabulary . In addition, you will develop all your main language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and improve your overall level of English. At the end of your course you can expect to be a more confident, accurate and fluent user of English. This way, you will become more familiar with the structure of the TOEFL iBT exam as you practice past papers and benefit from feedback from our experienced teachers. Your exam preparation class includes guidance on how to become more of an independent learner , student podium participation (giving presentations and peer tutoring), and monthly tutorials.

TOEFL iBT exams

Please note that there are currently no TE EFL test centers in Malta so you will need to book your test in your country at the end of your test preparation course. As a result, ESE recommends that you book your exam date as close to the end of your course as possible in order to achieve the best results when you sit the exam.

What is your level of English?

Don’t worry – we’ll walk you through it.

Before you book, you are required to submit a 250-word essay on a given title, which will be reviewed by our exam coordinator. However, it will be your second test that determines your allocation to a class. This is held on your first day at school to reconfirm your level. These tests are conducted for the sole purpose of ensuring that you are taking your course at the appropriate level to achieve your academic goals.

More About TOEFL iBT

For all of you who have just heard the name TOEFL, but do not know it as an exam, below you will find a description of what happens on the day of the exam. Generally, the TOEFL exam takes place on the weekend or on a Friday. It is recommended to go about 30 minutes before and a personal tip: eat and drink before going to the exam; you will be inside for about four hours.

Before the Exam

As we mentioned above, it is recommended to go about 30 minutes, or at least 15 minutes before the time in which you are registered. The testing center will arrange all students in a class to explain the rules of the exam, especially regarding copying, and then I will ask for your data (first name, last name) as well as registration data: username & password , which you learned when you registered. After that, you will be given a form to fill out. Do not write until prompted. 🙂 Then one by one you will be called to take an identification photo, which in some cases is done in one of the center’s offices through a webcam. Finally, you will be directed to the laboratory where the test takes place, which starts fixed on schedule, or 10 minutes late.

In the exam

In the hall you have nothing but the computer of his equipment, a pencil and some format sheets. Nothing else is allowed with you. After sitting down at your computer, the first thing is to check your headphones and microphone; the assistant will help you with this. The first part of the exam is Reading, which in many cases consists of 3 texts with about 700 words each and lasts 60 minutes. Don’t lose your patience, even though it can get a bit tiring towards the end. Then follows Listening , a part which, like Reading, lasts, in most cases, 60 minutes. Listening consists of 3 sections, each of them contains 3 parts. The degree of difficulty from part to part is increasing. But don’t worry, it’s more fun and less boring than The Readers. Also, the listening quality is very high and the headphones are larger, thus enabling full concentration on the exam.

End of First Half

10 minutes break

Second part

The moment you return to the hall, you will start with the Speaking part . Be careful not to be influenced by any of the other participants in the exam, as despite the size of the headphones and the noise blocking they do, you can still hear your fellow sufferers. So learn to ignore it. You need a lot, a lot of concentration. After the 20 minutes that Speaking will take you, the last part follows: Writing. The writing takes 50 minutes and is divided into two parts: the integrated part (which combines reading a text, listening to a lecture and writing an article on reading and listening) and the essay. You will have 30 minutes available for the essay; relatively enough time according to many of our students.


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