Thus It Aims to Huawei 9 Mate Age More Slowly

Today has been the presentation of one of the most anticipated phablets of the year, and one of the calls to replace the Note 7, Huawei Matt 9, a giant of 5.9 inch screen with the latest House, Kirin 960 processor. This titan has been accompanied by a friend a tad smaller, but twice as expensive.

We speak, of course, of the 9 Matt Huawei Porsche Design, just as powerful but with more RAM (6 GB) and plenty more storage (256 GB). That Yes, such exclusivity has a price, some absurd €1399. But let’s focus a bit in its software, since it brings some new features which, at least over the pale, are interesting.

To mention the innovations that bring this new version of the software of Huawei, which runs on 7.0 Android Nougat, We will divide this post into two sections: one dedicated to the section of what would become the performance and another about the user experience, this form can include most importantly without doing a Bible in an attempt to.


In this section Huawei has been focused on the wear of performance caused by the continuous interaction between different applications, making that a wake up to others, requiring the work of the processor continuously. With this, Chinese manufacturer wants to control the activity of these applications.

First implemented a Machine Learning Algorithm (MLA), that translates as a algorimo of machine learning, that you would learn your pattern of use of applications for precargarlas when this algorithm creates that you’ll use. This in principle would have as objective make applications to be loaded faster even (if the software is correct).

Another algorithm that have been introduced, this time owner, is of memory compression, y It would compress even more applications to retain most memory. According to Huawei, this feature has been designed by themselves and in addition, while the smartphone is idle, each day will release memory of ‘junk’ so that it is ready at the time in which it is used.

To facilitate the hard work of the CPU, Huawei software will assign, intelligently, in the foreground applications the most powerful nuclei, leaving those applications that are in the background for the nuclei of lower power, this form would not be lost performance, but the autonomy of Matt 9 would not be reduced.

But they would not forget the GPU, its bestial Mali-G71 that, to give you a bit of mimo they have included software that streamlines the GPU processing to keep this processor more possible to date with the ever increasing demand of video games that we’re seeing in Android.

To end this section, Huawei says have improved 20% the speed of loading and discharge of the disc to allow loading and unloading from memory or from the same applications. During the event a representative showed how moved through a collection of photos while a screen indicating that even the photo has not had loaded would be.

User experience

Huawei says have worked hard on the new version of its interface EMUI, joining efforts between its offices in China, Sweden and the newly open in San Francisco. One of the things that some emphasized was that it is not necessary more than three steps to access any section of the settings and change the switch.

One of the interesting things is that, finally, they have been encouraged to enable a drawer of applications, although you have to go to the section of the home screen in the settings to change your design and, at last, to have that coveted drawer of applications. Here it seems that the Chinese manufacturer has listened to users, although they have resisted adding this feature.

But do not forget our knuckles, those elements that Huawei always has wanted us to use, and has implemented gestures with this part, as make use of the multi-view making a line across the screen. In addition, Huawei has included a feature called ‘ Private space’, a cipher by folder that can block them so that it may only be accessed via fingerprint.

One of the disadvantages that a smartphone has some side bezels so low is that you can accidentally touch the screen, whether to run an app or writing (that happens to me fairly). Huawei has thought of this and has given solution, being able to cancel the accidental touches up to 65 different situations.

Finally, the Chinese manufacturer has introduced a menu in which you can enable dual accounts for certain social applications, such as Whatsapp, Facebook or WeChat. Now Huawei has not ruled on what other apps can use this feature, but if it is useful enough, hope that it extends to several apps.

These are innovations that Huawei has presented in the software of their new bumper phablet of range, some perhaps with a more sporadic utility, others that we will not notice at first hand or instantly, but news that, finally and after, can make a small difference with the competition.