The Saturated Chinese Manufacturers ‘Their’ Market and OnePlus Already Looking for Another Way

The Saturated Chinese Manufacturers ‘Their’ Market and OnePlus Already Looking for Another Way

April 25, 2017 Electronics 0

Discover America in a glass of water. That is what we do whenever we talk about a market saturated smartphones, an undeniable saturation and we all know since a long time ago, but however it has evolved with the market itself and new needs.

The last great battle of the Android platform has had Chinese accent and fierce competition, with many manufacturers fighting for the smartphone with the best quality/price ratio, possibly the best part of the cake in terms of sales of smartphones. Is for this reason that will surprise no one that almost everyone wanted to put his paw between this type of phones better compensated, quickly saturate a range which has always smelled best seller.

Many options are available today in the price range from between 400 and 500 euros, all of them are similar in concept and all, allowing access already to high end user experiences without spending too much money. What who started all this? Yes, you have successful, One Plus.

OnePlus showed the way, not without problems of stock given the enormous interest in this type of smartphones that offer much by little, but with so much competition nowadays, seems that the model could be showing signs of exhaustion

The signing of the ‘ Never settled’ and the killers ‘flagship’ at knockdown prices has been the standard bearer for a range of terminals bordering by Google with the Nexus 4 and 5 Nexus, but that had never had so much competition: ZTE Axon 7 Honor 8, Asus Zenfone Deluxe 3, own OnePlus 3, Nubia Z11, etc.

It is difficult to make valuations without knowing numbers, but the birth of the OnePlus 3T which we attended a few minutes ago could be demonstrating some signs of exhaustion of the OnePlus model, or at least that a smartphone advanced specifications but with price can maintain its manufacturer business convincingly.

Obviously the strategy has been successful and there is still room for business, but no one would come to try to get juice, but sometimes also possible to die of success, especially if your benefit already was minimum and other manufacturers want to wring even more.

Prices for demolition, a strategy so successful as it seems?

The strategy is clear and everybody would say that successful: contain costs and margins to the fullest to make the price more attractive as possible face to the customer. A very aggressive position which however has some inherent negative factors.

The first of these is that It involves neglecting some aspects of creation and marketing of a device to contain its cost, and talk about aspects such as marketing or the design of the terminal.

Escapes no one that lately all phones are practically equal, and perhaps quite successful use a proven design and works, no need to spend resources in seeking an unnecessary twist. And we must also recognize that the hype and marketing is something that OnePlus guys handle swimmingly without spending a penny on it.

Either way, it seems that OnePlus has been quick to warn that its market was saturating too, and OnePlus 3 was not enough to compete well in the face of the next quarter.

OnePlus allows two ships logo in a year

Change which have been devised in OnePlus can be contentious, especially if we look at the OnePlus 3T and compare it with the OnePlus 3, virtually identical on the outside. Many also think a Sony failed with its strategy to renew its top every six months, and yet, the Chinese firm could have successful full with unexpected movement and that deserves an analysis separately.

Surprised to be the only aesthetic change OnePlus 3 to the 3T new tonality ‘gunmetal’ with a darker gray color, but the manufacturer is has saved a few good money by not having to go to the drawing board to renew a construction still travel.

It is of a movement more in line of the PC market, with a reusable design – a box with a touchscreen – that upgradeable hardware to the market advance abarantando costs, and offering users a update with the best components.

You can see it in depth in this link, but the OnePlus 3T is basically a 3 OnePlus best battery in the same space, a chipset that gets to the last, best front-facing camera and an option with 128 GB of internal storage. Important news, Yes, but they are more easily acceptable as renewal, not generational.

Oops, what did OnePlus is not renewed or innovate, but only to update their latest smartphone justifying further price increases that of otherwise not had no sense. Perhaps this is the best way of earn profit margin, and here we have already entered to assess whether it is worth this premature renewal..

And in this fire… does site for more wood?

Well, It remains to be seen if OnePlus will continue to offer the 3 indefinitely or leave in the hands of the new 3T all their expectations, but the truth is that seeing prices both models could coexist perfectly, allowing the user that you want to save some money.

Competition remains one step behind at least in terms of hardware, and is that nobody has a Snapdragon SoC 821 or the 6 GB of RAM between your specifications of header below 500 euros. However, Yes there are models like the Z11 Nubia offering some innovation with its panel without frames, which features the lateral margins of the curved glass sensitive to gestures.

Site is always, or so it seems, but the market and users themselves will give a statement with the passage of time. What is clear is that OnePlus has one of the coolest smartphones on the market, and we have also already very clear that the designs of smartphones are stagnant, allowing movements like this of reuse a platform to improve hardware and thus justify a rise in price.

We do not believe that Yes that holders of a 3 OnePlus will require a change of smartphone to get the new 3T, wouldn’t make too much sense. And you, what seems the newest OnePlus?

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