The S7 Telephone, Smartphone-Proof Explosion”, Is Already in Pre-Sales

The S7 Telephone, Smartphone-Proof Explosion”, Is Already in Pre-Sales

April 1, 2017 Electronics 0

Little more than one month ago the news that telephone came to Spain officially, knew where they would bring some of their terminals already presented and advertised a mobile future, the Telephone S7. This phone specifications that finally only correspond with one of the versions we knew.

The S7 telephone it comes with three different versions according to your RAM memory and storage, having the two most powerful versions several colors to choose from. Apparently, also there are different screen sizes, although its official store all telephone S7 are the same size.

A design that will be very familiar to us

In these times find us a design really original, like Xiaomi my Mix for example, is really difficult, and on more than one occasion a terminal we can remember one or two terminals of other manufacturers. The case of the telephone S7, unfortunately, is not one of these exceptions.

We find ourselves with a extremely similar to the S7 Galaxy design with his back curved at the edges. That Yes, its beauty is undeniable, and the range of colours, in conjunction with its construction, according to the web, aluminium, makes them rather more colorful than the more ‘classical’ colors.

At the front, finally, screen won’t bend just like the of the Galaxy S7 Edge, but It’s the typical curvature 2.5 d so popular has been. The physical button ‘Home’ would work, well, as fingerprint sensor, giving even more similarity to this terminal with the first ship in this year’s Samsung logo.

Different versions of hardware for each user

The S7 telephone comes, in all its versions, processor MediaTek helium 20 X, that should give a good performance on any occasion. The first difference found between versions is the RAM, taking 2 GB, 3 GB, 4 GB, and storage, where we will see versions of 16 GB for the 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB for the 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB to 4 GB of RAM.

In addition, we also find two different screen sizes, a version with 5.2 inches and the other with 5.5 inch. In both cases the resolution will be FullHD and it will use IPS technology, the Japan Display manufacturer. At the store, however, only we will find, at the time of writing this article, the version of 5.5 inch.

As for cameras, on paper should be enough for a normal user. At the rear we find ourselves with 13 MP with Aperture f/2.2, autofocus and LED flash, while forward have a Chamber of 5 MP. To feed this S7 telephone includes a non-removable 3,000 mAh battery.

In the connectivity section, if you fear not supporting LTE with the 800 band, no need to worry, because if sportaria these networks. In addition we have FM radio, GPS with A-GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, and dual-band Wi-Fi. What we don’t have, however, is an NFC chip.

“Explosion-proof” warranty, your biggest claim

One of the main attractions of this terminal is that the manufacturer It guarantees that the user will be safe from any battery explosion. First, they say making sure that the battery is completely safe, looking, at the expense of Note 7, win a small hook for sale.

But in addition, ensure there is a membrane “explosion resistant” to protect the user before any unforeseen. As if it wasn’t enough, would a TPU shell for increased protection any explosion, but let us not forget that telephone ensures that these batteries are safe.

If true, and with the price of these terminals, would be a good hook to make that users acquire this terminal, tactics that may perhaps be later in other more or less renowned manufacturers.

Availability and price of the S7 telephone

As we said, this terminal is in three versions of different memories, and now in the shop are only with 5.5 inch screen. The version of 2 GB / 16 GB, only in golden color, is £ 127; of 3 GB / 32 GB, available in green, €154,24, while the 4 GB / 64 GB goes on prices from the blue €208,70 to €217,78 in black.

All of them are already available for pre-sale to free prices, although there are more colors for versions 3 and 4 GB of RAM, but they do not appear in the store. However, the price of each color varies despite having the same specifications.