The Pokedetector Is Your Smartphone in Your Pocket

Who plays Pokemon GO, who knows the problem: always look at the Smartphone falls and trappings, the world seems forgotten. But after a few hours, the battery is the spirit on display, GPS and mobile data connection need too much energy. Remedy promises the app Pokedetector. Runs on your Smartphone in the background and sends you a notification once a Pokemon in your area is emerging.

Download: Pokedetector download at Google Play

Simple function

Once you have downloaded the app from the store of the play, you get a very simple interface when opening. You login with your account details and set a scan interval in the settings. There, you decide how often your phone checks for Pokemon in the environment. You can choose between a scan per second and a scan every ten minutes. Our site recommends the setting on all two minutes to fix, so that your battery is not immediately back Tuckered.

Pokedetector in the background

Then is the Pokedetector in operation and you can close the app, insert your smartphone into pocket and embark on great walks through the streets. If a Pokemon nearby shows up, the app via push notification will inform you. You then immediately know which Pokemon it is and can start hunting. Unfortunately, there’s the app only in English so that the name of the Pokemon sometimes differ from the German name. Nice feature: the Pokedetector recognizes whether you play just Pokemon GO and send then no further notifications.

Pokemon on the Smartwatch

With the appropriate Smartwatch including Android wear come the push messages of also the Pokedetectors on your wrist. This works easily in everyday life. Shortcoming: For each Ratz Fash and Taubsi, users can get a push message. Who wants to filter by particular Pokemon, must opt for the paid premium version. “Thanks to the Pokedetector app I no more forever like a Smartphone-zombie the streets must err.” Robert Berg, editor of telecommunications & Internet

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