The New Huawei 950 Kirin Gets Impressive Results in the First Benchmark

The new HiSilicon Kirin 950 is the expected top SoC currently being developed by Huawei and that should debut before the end of this year, at least as far as his official presentation.

As we have seen in recent reports, Kirin 950 presents itself as a very interesting proposal because it is based on an architecture octa core with an energy-efficient cluster consists of 4 core Cortex-A53 and a second high-performance clusters that relies on 4 core Cortex-A72, unpublished on the mobile scene. Adding support for fast LPDDR4 RAM memories, the production process in 16nmFinFET and the powerful Mali-T880, it’s easy to see the high level of interest generated by the new proposal Huawei.

Interest which increases even more if we rely on data obtained from an internal document, which explains the first results obtained from Kirin 950 on the famous Platform Geekbench. The numbers are certainly impressive: 1909 points in single-core and multi core 6096, showing above, with a substantial margin, any other product currently on the market.

Even Apple A8X, the best regards the score in single core, must give way to the power shown by the new core Cortex-A72. As regards the view Android, Kirin 950 shows higher than the current Exynos 7420 in every field, since the proposal Samsung stops at 1480 points in single-core and about 5000 in multi core.

Needless to say that numbers alone are not enough to describe the power and reliability of SoC, although help get an idea of the scale of improvements that we can expect from the next generation.