The Kiosk of Jezebel Man: a Review of The First Covers of Spring Air (I)

I do not tire of repeating this statement, the magazine covers they are a reflection of trends. Or at least, if they are not, they should be. Moreover, they should be a true reflection of real trends or, in any case, that they could adapt to the street. And is that, although many times editors delight us with spectacular and very theatrical productions – some of them impossible to dress up – this type of reports which understand them as inspiration.

In any case, the inspiration must always give us, or at least that is the intention, ideas or proposals that we are for the day and day. Suggestions to reinvetarnos ourselves and therefore reinvent our style. Although many times, they are more artistic than anything else, and we can simply understand them as art in itself same. After this charleta which I’ve pasted, I open the Jezebel magazine man, with a selection of covers that smell, metaphorically speaking, to First 2013.


Nothing better to start this review as it is one of the favorite tones of the warm season. We speak of the Radiant White, color that conveys positivdad and purity. Not to say that one is never bored of wearing it. The model Luis Borges lends his image for this feature of the Portuguese magazine Soul. A very neutral Publisher that focuses on basic wardrobe that does not fail. See a sober and pristine white shirt, in this case, adorned with black dots.


In the case of Flaunt opt for completely different style. But it is that addition instead of a top model bring us a very sophisticated vision of the musician Bruno Mars. The artist embodies to perfection this character who opts for retro-inspired costumes and some other more sporty piece but always within a formal and sober style. The photos, by the way, signed by Hunter & Gatti they are wonderful.

L’Officel Hommes

The color comes from the hand of one of the Bibles of fashion; Korean Edition L’Officel Hommes. For the upcoming season they are committed to the dandy style Although, that Yes, with a return of Turkish, urging us to try garments tailoring in bright colors like turquoise, so combined with pants with printed patterns or shirts in earthy tones. The model Sean o’pry He stars in this session that marks many of the hits of the season.

style Men

Style Style Guide men also committed the sartorial lines. Although much more conceptual, prefer minimal style and the deconstructed apparel as we see in this suggestive cover that stars in the eclectic ambiguity by excellence model, Andrej Pejic. Which, I guess I will be sick of the term that is used both with his person. In any case, I prefer the elegant grey smoke of their desmangada Blazer.

Carbon Copy

Black, timeless color which do not understand nor of trends or seasons, and is the perfect excuse thread conductor of this editorial which shows the power of the timeless pieces, these pillars of the male wardrobe that are able to help anyone. The omnipresent Josh Beech, model and musician, one of the best-known faces of the fashion and cultural underground of recent times, pulls out his side deeper and more mysterious to always exquisite publication Carbon Copy.