The Company Opportunity English Organizes The First Championship National of English Spelling

The Company Opportunity English Organizes The First Championship National of English Spelling

March 11, 2018 Dictionary 0

The company Opportunity English will organize a National Championship of English spelling. It wants to make the March 21, 2015 in the Albacete town of Villarrobledo. The Championship will be held for the first time in Spain and may take part in young students Young Learners (Starters, Movers and Flyers) of language schools. There will be three rounds and a winner who will get a trip to London for himself and his family. All parents with their kids are invited to participate in this initiative, and it is that, throughout the day, in addition to the competition, the participants may be educational workshops, musical activities and more and all in English.

According to digopaul, the goal of this Championship is enhance bilingualism through the desire of children to compete, learn and improve through proper use and spelling of words in English will also be adapted to your level. Opportunity English It is a company based in Villarrobledo and it has been chosen as a finalist among the more than 35,000 centers preparers of exams of Cambridge worldwide. Have also been nominated by Cambridge English Language Assessment Awards in the category of Best Teacher Support (Better support to the teacher). Congratulations to Opportunity for this recognition to its work and its commitment to the dissemination and management of Cambridge English exams.

And with respect to the competition, because I think it may be a great idea and wish you the best. Long wrote in kids and more about the contest of spelling words (spelling bee), which is very important in the United States, and in Spain also has long travel.

Kids and more have spoken of the spelling, did Carmen Pascual González-Babe who use it in classes of language, spelling words appropriate to each level, guessing them. With this type of activity, we explained Carmen, works the mental agility, the vocabulary and the spelling.