The Best Toys for Dogs Babies: When Your Teeth Begin to Be Born

The Best Toys for Dogs Babies: When Your Teeth Begin to Be Born

December 16, 2018 Decoration 0
The Best Toys for Dogs Babies When Your Teeth Begin to Be Born

The birth of the canine teeth can be a painful process. Thinking about it, we recommend some toys for dogs babies essential. Get to know everything.

The Best Toys for Dogs Babies When Your Teeth Begin to Be Born

The growth of the dentition, the canine can be quite a nuisance for your pet and even cause pain. To improve the situation, we recommend some toys for dogs babies that will make all the difference, helping you to experience this phase more quiet.

As with humans, dogs are born without teeth. In the first two to three weeks of life, begin to birth the baby teeth. Typically, between the incisors, canines and pre-molars, your dog will have a total of 28 teeth, between the sixth and eighth week.

Months later, usually between 4 and 7, begin to appear in the permanent teeth, up to a total of 42, in a process which may terminate when the animal to complete the first year of life.


There are several signs that indicate that the teeth of your dog are born. Watch out what they are and do not be alarmed, because indications are perfectly normal:

  • Slight bleeding of the gums;
  • Bites on various objects, by the need to take things to the mouth, with the goal of easing pain or discomfort;
  • Moaning, apathy, diarrhea that are no more than manifestations of the body to the process that is to occur.



In addition to buying toys for dogs babies that help to minimize the effects of this step, there are small attitudes and behaviors that may even make the difference:

  • Take of the reach of the animal objects that he can chew and that can hurt you even more or you want to preserve;
  • Do not punish if he destroy something that you must not opt for an attitude of teaching;
  • If you have to leave your dog home alone, give him plenty of toys for him to entertain;
  • When your dog is in pain, you can apply a little ice on the gums;
  • Spend more time with your pet, give him more affection and attention;
  • If the tooth definitive are born without the milk tooth has fallen, take your dog to the vet.


These toys for dogs babies will help their fellow four-legged has jaws stronger, to avoid the appearance of plaque and tartar and will help you get a breath that was more clean and fresh. In addition, they are a good way to prevent behaviors of anxiety and hassle.


With this product from the renowned Hunter brand is possible to take care of the first little teeth and keep the gums of your dog healthy.

It is made in natural rubber, lightweight and robust, whose protrusions provide the dental care constant, while the animal jokes.


The texture in the layers of this toy for dogs and babies is perfect to relieve the discomfort felt in the first months of life, seen that the bulges are responsible for the cleaning of the teeth and of the gums and offers different experiences bite.


All of the dogs, the younger the older, in need of a bone, which is the guarantee of hours and hours of fun.

This toy is very sturdy for dog made of natural rubber robust and can even be stuffed with treats, creating a extra entertainment.


The teeth cleaning is essential since the appearance of the milk teeth and may not be an easy task for the owners. This toy gives a great help as its format unusual was thought to reach up to the teeth on the rear of the animal.

In addition, the grooves of the rubber allow you to rub all parts of the mouth, with the assurance that dental hygiene is being well done.