The Apple Store Leave The IPod Touch as a Payment Device to Adopt The IPhone 5S

If you have never been to an Apple Store, you know that many employees are not separated from their mobile payment devices. So far these have consisted of an iPod touch and a case with credit card reader, but it seems that Apple is replacing those iPod touch by the 5S iPhone models.

So say at 9to5Mac, where also say that this iPhone 5S will be equipped with a cover that will have more features: improvements in reading codes of Passbook, slot for chip cards to pay with our PIN by inserting it on the screen of the iPhone… and the natural advantage that employees will hand a phone to make urgent calls. But there are also suspicions of future site.

Are we at the beginning of the end of the iPod?

And it is that simple change from an iPod to an iPhone already makes me suspecting that the iPod touch will no longer be so present in the shops (along with the rest of the iPod), or perhaps Apple is preparing to use these iPhone sensor TouchID on a future system of payments, or simply to help identify the employees using those terminals to charge customers.

For me, combined with the imminent arrival of the wearables in Apple, this could be a sign of the beginning of the end of the iPod. Matter of waiting to see what plans have at Apple for them.