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Who wanders like cyclo-cross in holiday or leisure, do without in the wild on digital support. Comply with the right apps instead of a triple-digit amount for a wandernavi to spend or to rummage, through mountains of maps and all the information are always only a handle. The solution for extended trips into the countryside offer outdoor apps for android and ios. You determine your position automatically, suggest routes and lead hikers sometimes even by voice announcement by city and country. A bad weather front should raise during your tour, warns the weather app. And belongs to the genus of the beetle, reveals the digital lexicon of the species. What outdoor apps are popular and really helpful in the field, shows the overview:

Outdoor apps in the test

Tours diversity

to not elaborately must plan on the ground, an outdoor navi should show what hiking and cycling tours in the surroundings. With 3d maps, that runs in the test somewhat fiddly. Quite different in outdooractive: thanks to the great sorting the app delivered the best results. Also komoot was always a tour: if no one in the area was saved, the app calculated a new summarily without problems. Gpsies offers a true, partly already unmanageable abundance suffers the quality of tours but: here the local main street in the test area appeared once as a hiking trail on.

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Outdoor navigation

the most beautiful route but is of no use if you come with the app not good on the goal. Not all apps get out equally well: komoot shines at the navigation with voice prompts, for example. This is especially interesting if you’re on the bike and on gravel roads have no time to look all the time on the display of your smartphone. The app outdooractive leads the way while speechless, but also through forest and land at your destination. Gpsies, however, completely dispenses with a built-in gps function and is limited to document your distance traveled.

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High battery consumption

all operations over stock and stone one turned out in the test quickly: if you start with the smartphone on tour, you should pack a spare battery. Sucked in the practice test enabled gps and display the batteries empty then was gone the orientation within a few hours! Depending on the time of day, location, local knowledge, which can lead to the cancellation of the tour. External battery packs, remedy. That recharge your smartphone on the road several times. Also recommended: download the maps of the target area in advance on the phone. So you are prepared, even far away from any radio station for everything.

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