Something Is Coming: Apple Begins to Protect Its Brands Registered in The Area “Watches &Amp; Jewelry”

That Apple registered brands as “iWatch” is suspicious, but doesn’t confirm anything, since you could be doing it for a rights issue. But things change when what Apple has been doing is extend the protection of their brands to include “watches” and jewelry.

It is what they have discovered in MacRumors: when a company registers a brand can be done in 45 different classes depending on the type of product or service concerned. Apple has started to Polish the details of records of the class 14, that refers to jewelry but also includes watches.

Class 14 (jewelry): precious metals and their alloys and goods not included in other classes covered by them, or precious metal; jewelry, precious stones, chronometric instruments and horologicos.

This class includes mainly precious metals, goods in precious metals and, in general, jewelry, watches and wrist watches.

All of these changes they are applied in several countries, being the most recent Ecuador. Interestingly this extension is not yet covered in the United States, country where surely does need more work and bureaucracy to get it. I guess it is a matter of time, but every time we still have less doubts that something new we have to do this year.