Share Price: Nintendo Pokemon GO Success Considers Limited

Share Price: Nintendo Pokemon GO Success Considers Limited

March 12, 2017 Electronics 0

After Nintendo announced on Friday that his current hit Pokemon GO against all odds would have only a limited impact on its results, the shares of the company fell promptly to a new low.

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Shares slump after opinion

After the Pokemon hype of the last few weeks and the stock rapidly increased to Nintendo recorded his opinion last Friday now the largest one-day drop on the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 1996. By the message disappointing for investors were the shares of the Japanese group to 18 percent. Before trading, five times as many Nintendo papers it changed hands as a whole average day.

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Too high expectations from investors

Company release came on Friday after the market close, after the price of Nintendo shares almost doubled, which the video game manufacturer overtook even its bigger rivals Sony. Investors and analysts had expected due to the huge success of Pokemon GO to a worthwhile investment. With the current press release corrected the false assumptions the Group well and made it clear that Nintendo is only indirectly involved in the game and you have no plans to raise the business goals of the company. So the rights would be in the game above all the Pokemon company and former Google subsidiary Niantic. Nintendo themselves have only 32 percent of the voting shares in the Pokemon company.

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