Samsung Is Apology for The Note 7 in a Letter to Page Complete in Several Newspapers

Samsung feels it much. At least the US subsidiary of the giant Korean company, and Gregory Lee, President of Samsung North America, firm one long carta-disculpa full page in several newspapers including the Washington Post, New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

It has not been a good quarter for the company, because after a disastrous Galaxy Note 7 which caught fire spontaneously came a failed recall that it does not solved the problem. Time passes, the cause of the fire is not yet known and also the company all off you must remove a few models of washer defective. It was time to be something proactive to try to avoid further damage to the brand, and here comes this anuncio-disculpa.

Several tweeters have echoed in this anuncio-disculpa, obviously found only in printed editions and not in the newspapers digital. Here you can read it, if you have very good eyes, clear.

Full-page apology ads are the future of print media:

— Rurik Bradbury (@RurikBradbury) November 7, 2016

If you’re not very since in English or you have left you the glasses in your other pants, this is an approximate translation of the full text.

Dear purchasers,

At Samsung, we innovate to bring cutting-edge technologies that enrich people’s lives. An important point of our mission is to offer the best technology and quality available. Recently, we were short in this promise.

For this we are truly sorry.

We take our responsibility very seriously to address concerns about safety and quality. In collaboration with agencies Government and our partners in the industry are taking proactive steps to improve. Then, an update of our actions.

As you’ve heard – or personally experienced – we have stopped production and removed our popular device Galaxy Note 7. We are working quickly to make sure that the remaining 7 Note are removed safely. Those who have been directly affected should know that we appreciate their patience throughout the Exchange process. We know that you expect more from Samsung, and that your loyalty needs to be earned, not given.

A rigorous investigation of the 7th Note is underway and the results will be shared once the analysis is completed. The process will be intensive and includes some of the best technical experts worldwide to help us validate our work. We re-examinaremos every aspect of the device including hardware, software, manufacturing process and the structure of the battery. We will move as quickly as possible, but it will take time to find the answers.

In keeping with our commitment to safety, Samsung and the Security Commission of the Association of United States consumers has also announced a voluntary withdrawal to address a unusual problem with our washing machines top loading. From free repair on site to refunds, Samsung is moving quickly to offer their customers solutions unprecedented that minimize the impact on their lives. Our technical service team will visit their homes this week to solve problems.

Committed by the leadership of our company, we are taking proactive measures to identify and solve what failed and what we can improve in our operations. Samsung will review all the steps of our design, manufacturing and quality control so that we can achieve the highest standards of quality.

What is most important, security remains our highest priority. You will hear, will learn from this and act so that we can gain back your confidence.

Some 17,000 employees across the country, thank you for your support and sorry again, deeply.

Sincerely, Gregory Lee

Enough of this letter will be for? cool things? It is safest to do not. The subject is still very recent, and with so many models on the market, it is inevitable that appears when another model that has burnt. You should spend time until the subject forget at least in a serious way, because this is going to be certainly a recurrent meme for Samsung for a long time.