Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0: 129 Euro Tablet in the Test

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0: 129 Euro Tablet in the Test

March 18, 2017 Electronics 0

Test conclusion: what you should know

At the small Galaxy tab A 7.0 Samsung must not repair the software via system update harmonises with the hardware, as it should be. Until then, sophisticated tablets like the Medion P9514 P8311 (129 euros) in this price range are the better choice. Best price on the Internet: 116,99 Euro * this product on Amazon store order Pro of precision touch screen long battery life LTE version surcharge expandable counter something slow working pace of built-in memory very modest cameras, NFC is missing some clunky Testrating of editorial 3.24 satisfying user rating now evaluate not too classy, not too cheap: the Galaxy tab A models are Samsung’s bread and butter tablets Android models with great features at a less than calculated price so. Now the Koreans in addition to the 10-inch version of Galaxy tab A-10.1 (2016) for the first time bring a small variant on the market. The hammer: Samsung labeled the price tag of the Galaxy tab A 7.0 with 129 euros. Does this Bill?

Samsung Galaxy tab A 7.0: photos and screenshots

15 photos and screenshots Samsung Galaxy tab A 7.0 see (2016)

Moderate display

One notices the Galaxy tab A 7.0 at first touched the small price: instead of the elegant aluminium is the small tablet in a plastic dress and is quite thick with well 1 centimeter. However, the weight is fine: the needle stops at 280 grams. This 7-incher brings websites, Facebook & co. With only 1280 x 800 pixels on the screen typical of this price class. The image quality is sharpness but quite okay, but not so high as when a full HD screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels, it shows colours also somewhat pale.

Video on the subject

The Galaxy tab A is released in a new generation and computer image in the test: how to make the new models with 7 and 10 inch? Samsung Galaxy tab A: offers what the new generation of Tablet?

No high-flyer

As the display the operator of small tablets comes from the lower class: the largely unknown manufacturer Spreadtrum delivers the quad-core processor SC8830, he cycles with maximum 1.3 gigahertz. So, the 7-inch model in the test supplied only sufficient values, can be no talk of high fliers. On the contrary, the hardware works not perfectly with the operating system Android 5.1 and the apps. So often froze the system, for example, when you edit self shot videoclips one.

Scarce memory, moderate cameras

Not up to date: the 7-incher is still old Wi-Fi-n standard on the Web, fast Wi-Fi ac is not on board. On top of that, the memory is much too limited: only 3.2 gigabytes are free. One or two movies, a little music, a game that was s, already nothing more it fits. After all, the capacity microsd card can be extended. Samsung has saved even when the cameras: the lenses of the two devices supplied some very blurry photos and videos with pale, distorted colors.


And how it looks with the steam? Already, the large version Galaxy tab A-10.1 delivered 18 hours ten minutes with a top value. The battery of small tablets held out not quite as long, reached a considerable value for a 7-inch Tablet but also with twelve hours and 21 minutes.