Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Vs. S7 Edge-Which Should I Choose?

It can be hard to choose between Samsung’s two superstars, Note 7 and S7 edge. Here you get an overview of the differences.

Viewing distance is Samsung’s new darling, Galaxy Note 7, Monster equal to this spring’s top scorer from the company. Both are built up as a sandwich of aluminium and glass and they share the soft curves that come with Samsung’s dual-edge display.

Included are the two topmobiler almost the same, they are both waterproof while performance and camera are identical.

What’s on the other hand, separates the two significant is the price, for around 1,700 crowns separates the two giants. So what do you get for the extra money? Read on below, and get the answer.

Is better in your hand

Do you keep S7 Edge and Note 7 up against each other and nærstuderer the appearance of the two phones, individual differences come clear and clearer.

First, there are subtle differences in objectives. Note 7 is 10 grams heavier, 1 mm wider, 3.5 mm higher and 0.2 mm thicker – so small differences, as probably most people will notice in everyday life.

What is more likely is how Note 7 generally tightens S7 Edge-designed up a bit where Edge can be described as feminine with its soft curves, works Note 7 more masculine in its expression, with sharper corners than the Edge offers.

Viewed from the side, is Note 7 now symmetrical – with a front and hind quarters that crumbs less than S7 Edge. I am inclined to think that Note 7 is more comfortable to keep on, despite the marginally larger format, for the aluminum sides is much more rounded.

Larger, more usable display

On the display front separated the two siblings of 0.2 inch display. A marginal change, however, gives a snads more elbow room for apps and games at Note 7.

In the short time I have had the Note 7 between the hands, there were no major differences to note between the two screens. S7 Edge screen is one of the best mobile screens ever – and it is Note 7 ‘s display also.

The resolution is the same, and both monitors belongs to market or irritating material with both lively and believable colors. Note 7 has, however, again a slight advantage here, because it supports the playback of future HDR video standards.

Pretty much the same hardware

The service has the highest priority for you, you will not go wrong with any of the phones. S7 Edge is one of the year’s fastest and most responsive smartphones and it is also – Note 7 for the embody the same strong octa-core processor, 4 GB of RAM and Android version as its predecessor.

Camera portion is also unchanged in Note 7. You get the same strong 12MP camera as in front of the camera, while the S7 Edge have only 5 megapixels.

Main difference between the two phones you will notice in everyday life, for battery on Note 7 is 3 percent less – together with the slightly bigger screen, one can fear that the life will be a handful of percent shorter. All in all, it is not a catastrophe, for the starting point, S7 Edge can boast of the longest operating time.

On the other hand, enthusiasts will appreciate the doubled the storage space as Note 7 at its disposal.With 64 GB on board, plus the possibility of expansion with 256 GB, you’ll hardly a shortage of space.

S-pen makes a difference

What is actually seen defines Note series, besides size, is the dedicated S-pen and the opportunities it provides.

Samsung has invested a lot in here to get both pen and mobile to play together, among other things, to hook up with digitizer-specialists from Wacom.

Pen acts quickly and almost instantly on your ink strokes, and it makes it suitable for drawing or hand-write notes.

The tip of the pen is slimmed down tremendously, which increases precision of use – to cut, annotate or select text is now easier than ever.

Most interesting, however, is the interaction with Samsung’s ‘ Always-On ‘ screen. The two technologies together enables you to seize mobile and pen and begin writing a note – completely without the need to switch on your phone and open the notes app. It’s faster in use than an old-fashioned Notepad and pencil – but with all the advantages as a digital Notepad.


Increased security with eye scanner

With Note 7 Samsung introduces the first iris-scanner for their mobile phones. Whether technology can replace the fingerprint reader as the safest and simplest way to unlock your phone, however, are not safe yet.

In theory an iris scanner be 200 times safer than a fingerprint, but usability in everyday life can still be questioned.

By URmobilsiden.dks first test, eye scanner immediately served roughly half of the time – whether or not the success rate can get right up on the 100 percent, however, should get a longer test. After 5 minutes of success rate, however, came to around the 80 percent – so there is hope for the technology.

Note 7 is better – at certain points

All in all, offers Note 7 on more than its predecessor – but whether it can justify the big jump in prices is ultimately up to you to evaluate.

Below you can see what kind of point that separates the two asterisk phones:

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 advantages:
HDR video
S-pen and note-functions
Slightly larger display
Better ergonomics
64 GB storage

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge advantages:
Larger battery
A little slimmer and lighter