Rumor: iPhone 7 Will Be More Waterproof Than iPhone 6s

Rumor: iPhone 7 Will Be More Waterproof Than iPhone 6s

August 1, 2016 Electronics 0

The upcoming iPhone 7 will be more waterproof than iPhone 6s, it sounds according to new information-but without being on a par with Samsung Galaxy S7.

Since the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus last fall was launched, it turned out that the two phones stored on some watertight properties, like Apple, however, chose not to place on the market. Even after an hour under water worked the two iPhones with no problems, which is more than what an IP67 certification guarantees.

According to the website, as Xiaomi Today has spotted a Chinese social media postings on Weibo, will be the upcoming iPhone 7, however, more waterproof than the already well protected iPhone 6s. An insider from the factory, Foxconn, where iPhones are produced, sharing as a variety of information about the next iPhone.

In addition to confirm several already well-known rumors such as the abolition of minijackporten, a major camera and a touch-sensitive home button, also highlights an interesting piece of information about the next iPhones water resistance.

According to this source will be iPhone 7 for not so watertight that it can measure up to Samsung Galaxy S7 and its IP68 certification, which makes the dust-proof and water repellent in down to 1.5 meters deep in Max. 30 minutes. The information is consistent with details about iPhone 7, which was revealed from a PowerPoint presentation for a month ago.

Back in april, it was reported, however, that Apple would make iPhone 7 completely dust-and waterproof and not just water resistant. The somewhat different information makes it so remain somewhat unclear how well the iPhone 7 exactly will stand up to water-but some sort of water resistance sees it anyway out to come up with.

While the rumors still abound about the upcoming iPhone from Apple, start dates to show up. It is reported that iPhone 7 can be pre-ordered on 9 april, after which the lands of the first shops on 16 september. The exact date for the launch is yet unknown, but since Apple has a tradition of keeping its event a few days before a new iPhone can be pre-booked, are the most likely dates is currently The 6. or 7. September.