Rajecke Teplice, Slovakia

Rajecke Teplice, Slovakia

Rajecké Teplice is a small but popular thermal resort in the northwestern part of Slovakia, which is nestled 15 kilometers from the city of Zilina. It is conveniently located between two rivers – Raychanka and Kuneradka – and is surrounded by the forests of the Sulov hill. In the neighborhood, the peaks of Mount Luchanska-Mala crash into the sky, forming a picturesque valley. The population of the city is quite small – less than 3 thousand.

The air here is very clean and transparent with a minimum content of dust. For the most part, this resort is popular among tourists from Slovakia itself, as well as the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. Guests of Rajecke Teplice love it for its colorful and cozy appearance, healing thermal springs (Teplice in Slovak means “hot spring”), as well as peace and relaxation atmosphere. Around the city there is picturesque nature with mountain landscapes, rich flora and fauna of the Carpathian world. You can see foxes, badgers, deer, owls, martens or eagles.


The first mention of the village of Tapolca and its thermal springs refers to King Vladislav the Great and 1376. A year later, in 1368, a summer residence for the Austro-Hungarian magnates was already being built here. A little later, in 1372, local springs were explored and baths were opened. The resort began to gain popularity in the 18th century, new hotels, thermal complexes, three pools (for the noble, the common people and the poor) appeared. In 1793, the first water analysis was made in the Rajets area, by the 19th century Rajecke Teplice became a popular holiday destination for the aristocracy, and finally received the official status of a spa resort in 1959.

How to get there

According to Wholevehicles, the easiest way to get to Rajecke Teplice is via Zilina by bus or rented car. In any case, the travel time will be no more than 15-20 minutes.

Indications for treatment

Diseases of the locomotor apparatus:

  • arthritis
  • ankylosing spondylitis
  • arthrosis
  • treatment after injuries and operations and rehabilitation

Nontuberculous respiratory diseases:

  • Nervous diseases
  • paralysis
  • inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system
  • conditions after injuries and operations of the central and peripheral system
  • neuromuscular degenerative diseases, sudden vascular stroke,
  • Parkinson’s disease

Profile diseases:

  • diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system
  • caused by toxic substances
  • diseases of the bones, joints, muscles, tendons and nerves of the extremities caused by working with a vibrating instrument

Baths of Rajecke Teplice

The resort has a center with the original name “Sauna World”, which offers 5 options for baths and saunas: tepidarium (+36…+38 °C, humidity 60%) has a relaxing and relaxing effect, Arabic steam room (+45…+ 48 °C, humidity 100%) helps with respiratory diseases, salt steam bath (+45…+48 °C, humidity 100%) contains Dead Sea salts and provides natural peeling of the whole body, herbal steam bath (+45… +48 °C, humidity 100%) acts on the respiratory system and improves the supply of oxygen to the body. Finally, the Finnish sauna (+85…+100 °C, humidity 10%) helps rid the body of toxic substances while strengthening the immune system.

Another local spa center, the name of which was also clearly not bothered, “Water World”, includes a rehabilitation swimming pool (+30…+32 °C), a therapeutic relaxation pool (+37…+38 ° C) and power shower. The thermal waters of Rajecke Teplice are used everywhere.

Spa center “Aphrodite” is considered to be the decoration of the city. Made in antique style, it became the center of life of the entire resort. The spa water (+38 °C) has a healing effect and is used for degenerative diseases, injuries, the consequences of surgical interventions, and neurological diseases. Of course, the spa center can also be visited just for relaxation.

Located on a hill, the thermal pool “Laura” gives its guests a magnificent view of the city. Here you can just swim in the pools, including the children’s pool. The water temperature is +26 °C, entertainment includes mini-golf, beach volleyball, a restaurant and a bar.

The thermal complex “Veronika” has three adult pools (one large and two smaller), plus four pools for children. Local attractions: toboggan, aquadrome, slides, sand playground.


You can choose from a variety of restaurants attached to hotels and pensions. The most visited is “Fishin Bastion”, which is located in the center of a small island connected to the “mainland” by a bridge. There is a wide choice of fish dishes – and very romantic in winter, especially when the snow falls. Restaurant “Koliba” offers national dishes, and those who prefer Italian cuisine, especially pizza, will like the restaurant “Merritto”. Velka Fatra has an international restaurant.

Foam lovers should try the local beer Zlaty Bazant and Saris.


Accommodation and service at the resort are of a very high level. In the city center is the Velka Fatra Hotel, which is connected to the spa center of the Aphrodite Hotel. Aphrodite, in turn, is also first-class equipped, it was almost completely rebuilt in 2002. Mala Fatra, Villa Flora, Villa Margareta and Sport Wellness Hotel Diplomat are also considered of high quality.

Entertainment and attractions in Rajecke Teplice

In Teplice itself, you can see the elegant building of the church in the Baroque style. Kunerad Palace is located 6 km from the city, as well as the second largest ruins of the Lietava Castle of the 13th century in the country. Kunerad Palace is notable for its history: in 1944, its main building was almost completely burned by the Nazis. Then it was restored, and now it is used as a sanatorium, so you can only see it from the outside.

Rajecke Teplice, Slovakia

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