Pokemon GO: New Monsters and Pokestops?

It was one of the most important performances during the comic-con in San Diego last week. In the largest Hall with over 6,500 seats was a new man in the spotlight: John Hanke, Chief of Niantic, talked about the enormous success of Pokemon GO in the past few weeks. He announced: Pokemon GO has currently only functionality of roughly 10 percent. Much more to come in the near future.

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Server problems are fixed

In many points discussed Hanke with the host Chris Hardwick on the worldwide roll-out of the game, noted that the server issues will be corrected in the medium term. And the Niantic CEO revealed a few details about the future of the game. The most exciting information for Pokemon fans: new generations of Pokemons pull in the game a.

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Eggs hatch more exciting

On the subject of eggs hatch in Pokemon GO wanted to speak out hahaha not really. But it is: here there will be new features. In the future, you can exchange with friends Pokemon and is dueling with various battle options. Hanke revealed that there are currently some exciting eggs which had not yet discovered the player. Legendary Pokemon there will however only, if the game is available worldwide.

Pokestops with new features

Much John appeared Hanke, however important the development of Pokestops as a greater part of the game. He mentioned that Pokestops have sometimes integrated curls modules. And he wants that player can determine with the function of Pokestops in the future. Maybe players could turn these stops then into a Pokecenter Niantic wants to also integrate the Pokecenter in the game? Hanke with his team continues to work on new features for Pokemon trading and training.

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