Pokemon GO: Developers Looking for Server Specialists

Pokemon GO: Developers Looking for Server Specialists

March 29, 2017 Electronics 0

The hype about Pokemon GO was marred at the start of the augmented reality game for many users by overloaded servers. After two weeks the problems continue: error messages, crashes, and non-functioning features tarnish the game experience for many. Now, developers of Niantic wants to remedy. In a job advertisement, the company searches for a server specialist.

Software developers to create server structure

According to the ad, Niantic therefore seeks a software developer that takes care of the server infrastructure. The advertisement stating that the new employees should develop a server infrastructure that supports the AR/geo platform and therefore AR projects such as Pokemon GO, using Java and Google cloud. While the applicant must deal with problems with the real-time indexing, with requests and the summary data in a huge volume.

For the time being no new features

Niantic-CEO John Hanke had already announced in San Diego at the comic con, that the game gets no new features, as long as the servers are not stable. Interestingly the company for the new job wants someone, the experience with the Google cloud, or the Amazon Web services knows also as possible. This could mean that Niantic Amazon wants to use GO as supplier of servers for Pokemon.

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More jobs at Niantic

More Pokemon-related job postings at Niantic are currently looking for a specialist who evaluates the gaming behaviour of users for the field of machine learning. And a global community manager is to worry about the relationship of the company to players by organizing regular meetings with real Pokemon players. This suggests that the Niantic could plan official Pokemon hunts.