OnePlus 3T, Does Sense Renew after Five Months?

OnePlus 3T, Does Sense Renew after Five Months?

April 26, 2017 Electronics 0


Yesterday made five months OnePlus presented its new flagship, the OnePlus 3. And today just presented an important update to the terminal, which are called OnePlus 3T. The new Chinese brand mobile is one evolution rather than a revolution of OnePlus 3, but changes are important.

Renew, of course, processor, being one of the first handsets carry Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 (MSM8996 Pro). Also renews the front camera, which happens to have 16 Megapixel (now that it seems that the selfies are passé). And it extends the battery 13%, which is no small.

All these updates and renovations have a price. The 64 GB model passed 399-429 euros. And appears a model of 128 GB of storage for 479 euros. In just five months, we have a new OnePlus, a small evolution. Does it make sense?

Welcome to the “rolling release”?

The first thing that surprises hardly presented terminal 5 months ago renewed is. And not with a new terminal, but with a few incremental improvements. Rarely seen something like this in mobile, normally such actions were reserved to the PC world that looked like hardware improvements are coupled to the same design in many manufacturers. But phones? It is not so normal.

We have been talking about for a long time that mobile phones have stagnated at the level of design. All follow the same pattern: a rectangular box flat with glass on the front. And perhaps it is because it is more functional and is where the industry has converged naturally.

This trend has some important implications: And if they leave both iterate on designs? And if she is able to lower costs by reusing proven designs and that they like and we begin to see incremental releases rather than revolutionary? Yes, the mobile industry would lose some appeal, but perhaps users prefer to repeat design with better specs at a tighter price. At the moment OnePlus pulls this way, renewing its terminal level specifications but varying design and allowing them to launch a new flagship in less than six months. Sony already tried in the past and had to leave, but perhaps the market was not so mature. Who will be the next?

Get more leeway?

Another aspect that perhaps has decided to OnePlus to renew your terminal is to achieve more leeway. When you renew the hardware is justified to raise prices, there is an excuse. If you do not change it is hard to justify price increases. Bq once did, and the complaints were important. And perhaps with OnePlus 3 they were somewhat fair margin.

OnePlus is no longer the small company that presented his model One. That company who lived in the mouth and a guerrilla marketing. Recently I heard OnePlus advertising in the NPR Planet Money podcast. OK, it is not the same that flood of advertising a city like Samsung and Apple, but they are closer to a conventional company from what you said at the beginning.

The manufacturer live margin. And in the older models of OnePlus had to go scarce. I don’t know if the price of this new model is out there but I have the impression that after demonstrating that they are capable of doing good terminals and have their audience, prices may be somewhat larger, still are far than traditional mobile brands offer similar.

And if it were simply to reinforce the partnership with Qualcomm?

Another reason that has been able to promote the launch of a terminal as soon may be the possibility of be one of the first manufacturers to integrate the Snapdragon 821 on a mobile. May perhaps seem a little weight but I do not why seems it.

Good relations between SoC and manufacturer provider is key to having a good product. In general in all sectors it is important that there is good relations between supplier and manufacturer, but one with much pressure as the mobile is critical. The difference can be a production delay to give priority to one manufacturer against another, or that will take days to solve a problem against a simple hours.

OnePlus is getting bigger and it is not bad strategy to take advantage of an opportunity to improve relations with its only provider of SoC. And Yes also put the latter his flagship, better than better.

The real reason why OnePlus has decided to renew the terminal will always be a mystery. Surely in public they wielded the first reason, update the terminal so that its users have always the latest in the latest available at the best price, since the reason for the margin not square with brand and say they wanted one relationship more deep with Qualcomm leave aside partly to its users, that they seem mere Guinea Pigs.

Regardless of all Obviously if OnePlus launched it has reasons for this. Face the user have a terminal upgraded to hardware level always is attractive, and if you manage to improve your brand’s presence along the way, better than better. That Yes, the question that remains is if they will repeat in the future.