OnePlus 3 Test: Masterful Attack on the Samsung Galaxy S7

OnePlus 3 Test: Masterful Attack on the Samsung Galaxy S7

March 28, 2017 Electronics 0

Test verdict: What you should know

Compliment, succeeded in a really good Smartphone OnePlus his third attempt! High-quality design, full LTE equipment and finally free sales for everyone: All weaknesses of the previous models are fixed. It seems as if the first two large OnePlus smartphones were only finger exercises. The OnePlus 3 now is the journeyman, has hardly any weaknesses. Anyone looking for a cheap big top Smartphone with slim Android operating system, should take a look here. Note: to start, there are the OnePlus 3 for 399 euros just above the Best price on the Internet: 441,99 Euro * per order this product on Amazon high-quality metal housing large, contra strong display high pace of work good camera at daylight fast loading of large memory dual SIM (2 x nano) counter display not very bright at low light bad photos no Inductive charging storage nonextensible Testrating editorial 2.33 user rating was good (out of 1 reviews) in the spring of 2014 , as a small manufacturer was preparing to shake up the Smartphone world: the OnePlus one should attack the flagships of Samsung & co with top technology for less than 300 euros. The fans were thrilled. But there was a catch: for one, the great piece was virtually impossible to buy, available only on invitation. On the other hand, LTE in Germany was not usable due to lack of 800-MHz-frequency at Vodafone and O2 as well as outside the cities in Germany. Even when its successor of OnePlus 2 remained on sale exclusive invitation (other than described in the first version of this article, but all German LTE frequencies were there). The third stroke OnePlus wants to do now everything right: the OnePlus 3 offers the Galaxy class S7 technology and is available (for 399 euros on the manufacturer’s website) for each all LTE frequencies on board. The test shows whether the third prank sits.

OnePlus put: Gold version, updates


Now also German customers on request the brand new Gold version of the OnePlus 3 order, the front side of the unit is white. Our site has already looked at the Golden Variant. Positive: The coloring effect not pushy or pretentious, but more currently. Alternatively, there is the OnePlus 3 as had in the color design graphite, with black front and silver anthracite aluminum back. Even if the software does something: available since 26 July update on oxygen OS 3.2.2 (less than 300 MB), the manufacturer fixes various problems: among other things the Fingerabddrucksensor disabled if the Smartphone in your Pocket is that prevents false tripping. There are also improvements in the display of notifications in stand by mode, the 4K-Videocodec and the filtering background noise in video recordings. Also, it has integrated Google’s security patch from 1 July 2016.

Design: Overhauled teacher Apple


The OnePlus 3 feels good, can easily keep up with twice as expensive top devices from Samsung and Apple. Despite the same display size is less clunky than the iPhone 6 S plus. It comes in an all-metal housing clean screwed like at Apple. The 5.5-inch large display is slightly rounded at the edge. And as with the iPhone there top left a right switch to mute. The housing is milled with applied aerial lines on the back from a single piece of aluminum. In addition to the standard colour graphite come also a golden version of housing on the market in August 2016. On the bottom is a modern USB-C socket striking next to the speaker Grill, also quick charging is possible via the.

OnePlus 3: Impressions and pictures

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The hardware: Fast and with record storage


The pace of work had top grades. Especially when navigating in the menu, the OnePlus 3 feels extremely liquid, falling short Memorial breaks such as for some Samsung Galaxy Smartphone in the test. No wonder: The Snapdragon-820 processor is one of the fastest ever. In addition the software is very slim, so that the user interface not slows down the system: the OnePlus 3 runs with oxygen OS behind which essentially Android 6.0.1. OS offers some practical control ideas, about the shelf: one wipes right, appears an overview of recent apps, favorite contacts, weather and more. The huge memory helps when running multiple programs also. He is gigantic 6 gigabytes, for the first time on a Smartphone. For comparison, the Galaxy S7 has 4 GB, thus so far was at the top of the RAM-facilities. Also the size of the data store is, nominally 64 gigabyte 53 GB are free from work. Only weakness here: the memory is not expandable.

Video on the subject

A OnePlus mobile was not always easy to have, but always coveted. Whether the new OnePlus 3 from its best side shows, the test reveals. OnePlus 3 test: Another chapter of in success story?

LTE: Good news for German LTE users


The first two large OnePlus models failed in Germany at the LTE test: the so-called LTE volume 20, i.e. the LTE frequency to 800 MHz, was missing completely. The result: LTE could not use Vodafone and O2 customers. When the Telekom and some now largely shut down masts by E-Plus, it worked but also only in urban areas. Now the all-clear for the OnePlus 3: will LTE spark on all frequencies! The somewhat older small OnePlus x there was not this restriction by the way anyway. Thanks to dual SIM (2 x nano-SIM) one is accessible on two numbers, however a SIM can be used only at the time for the fast Internet. The Snapdragon-820 chipset comes with fast Wi-Fi ac that it already supports the new standard multi-user-MIMO, where the latest generation of router parallel targeted at the same time can send data to up to three devices.

The display


The screen (with 5.5 inch on size of the Galaxy S7 edge or iPhone 6S plus) is pleasantly large and sharp. The high-contrast colors impressed, at least if it is not bright sunshine. The iPhone 6 S plus at least something here about Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge clear, brighter. Even when the screen sharpness OnePlus not with the Galaxy S7 edge can keep up, especially since the PenTile matrix technology used is not the optimum. An update on oxygen 3.1.4 is available in the near future to improve the color representation.

Camera test: light and shadow


In the Laboratory revealed the 16-Megapixel camera light and shadow. In the main discipline of photography during daylight hours, she could shine, doing even better with a total score of 2.13 photos as the Galaxy S7 edge (rated 2.48) as well as the iPhone 6 S plus (rated 2.45). Also the front camera (Note 2.06) is better than at Samsung’s S7 edge (Note 2.41) and iPhone 6 S plus (Note 3.00). However, in low light the OnePlus 3 failed. With a score of 4.5 it can’t keep up with here with the King class of camera smartphones. In low light, the Lumia is unbeaten 950 XL (rated 2.0), also the iPhone 6S plus (Note 3.3) is clearly better. The quality of the video recordings by the OnePlus 3 was also just satisfactory, despite 4K-Option. Here, many top smartphones achieve significantly better quality.

Battery runtime


Just when top smartphones, the battery time is often an Achilles heel. Here reflected the OnePlus 3 wacker: A run time of 10 hours and 31 minutes is not sharp, but okay and at least a quarter of an hour longer than the Galaxy S7 edge. After all: Thanks to quick charging technology from Qualcomm, an empty battery in about 15 minutes reached 60 percent of its capacity. Too bad: Wireless charging is missing, is also difficult to realize with a metal back.

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Experts dispute about memory management

The memory management of the OnePlus is disputed among Android fans and developers 3: currently is the operating system set up so that the memory at an early stage clear himself, by delete temporary files of currently running apps and exit longer unused apps in the background. According to OnePlus 3, thus improving the power consumption. On the other hand, OnePlus gives away the opportunity to change the faster app. The Galaxy S7 edge, however, lasts longer in the memory already launched apps, can chalk up there speed advantages. This debate is hardly of concern should be for normal users, so the OnePlus 3 is very fast. Handyman tricks to change the memory management is therefore discouraged, also the manufacturer does not recommend such manipulations. Update (stand: 23 June 2016): OnePlus has now 3 Announces an update that adjusts the storage management and hence without tricks will allow faster app starts.

Price and availability


The OnePlus 3 is to have, first of all in silver-grey case (graphite), from August in Germany in gold for 399 euros. The sale is unlike earlier no longer tied to invitations.