One Week to Allow It to Close Chrome to Phone, The Best Alternative Is… Do Telegram?

About three months ago I wrote about the announcement of the closure of Chrome to Phone, the legendary application to send from Google Chrome on a PC links, addresses and text to your mobile phone. The reasons given by Google is that the system was a both outdated and you could more or less do the same thing in different ways in other applications.

As a few commentators stressed, however, that there are people who on March 31 they will miss the old known chrome to Phone. Yes, it is possible to send directions from Google Maps, and Yes, the history is synchronized with Google Chrome, but simply is not the same to use the tiny application Chrome to Phone.

If you were a user of Chrome to Phone has probably already approached the alternatives before the day of judgment. Pushbullet is without doubt the most well known, but the payment model is made that you should proceed to checkout to do the same thing you were doing with Chrome to Phone. There is an alternative that seems to resonate more than others these days, Push2Droid, but I am not going to talk about it, but one that may surprise you, Telegram.

By what Telegram

It is clear that nobody likes to install more applications than strictly necessary. Mobile phones, by lot of RAM you have, just becoming slow before or after, with an internal memory that is never enough. If the next March 31 you wear mourning because Chrome to Phone says goodbye, Maybe you don’t need to install anything extra, Perhaps everything you need is already there, in Telegram.

Agree, this assumption is a little pretentious It implies that you have already installed and use Telegram on your mobile, and it is possible that it is not so. In any case, it is clear at this point that Telegram is much more than a simple clone of WhatsApp that nobody will remember in a couple of months. It is an application with personality, loaded with features and probably continue increasing his popularity in time to come.

Telegram is that in addition to bridge between PC and Android, also serves to chat

So, before you jump to install applications that try to imitate the behavior of Chrome to Phone as Push2Droid, ask yourself “do I really need an application, or I can already achieve the same with any installed?”.

Is fast, effective and you can send all

The truth is that I’ve been using Telegram as if it were my own personal PushBullet for months. Accustomed to have both version for Windows as the Android, it is only natural paste text, images, or links in a chat to then access from mobile phones.

The cloud of Telegram It handles the rest, transmitting your links, text, images and files to the chat so you can retrieve information on any device. Technically you could do the same with WhatsApp Web, although the experience is less rapid and satisfactory because it works in the browser and you should have a false contact that write. In the Telegram, you can use any bot o create a group for yourself.

You could technically use WhatsApp for web too… but it is not the same

In terms of the things that you can send to access from Telegram for Windows to access from Android, they are as follows:

  • Texts and links, no size limit
  • Images (from Clipboard)
  • Voice clips
  • Files of any type

The only thing that is left out of the list which was available in Chrome to Phone is the shipping addresses. However, nothing prevents you copy the address and paste him into the chat. Android it will open in Google Maps, if you so choose.

Admit it: use Telegram to all

This is just one of the available options, but obviously there are hundreds of alternatives. There will also be who is reluctant to using the cloud of Telegram to send your information, whether confidential or not. What are you using to share content between your PC and your mobile phone? Pushbullet, Push2Droid, Telegram or other completely different application?


  • Version of Android: Since 2.3
  • Developer: Telegram Messenger LLP
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
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