On Air: Live-Streaming Apps in the Test

Why still text type, post despicable images or watch youtube videos, if it is also authentic: live videos are all the rage, everyone can take part, sending himself and his experiences via mobile phone camera in the world and that at the moment in which it happens. Uncut, uncensored, up-to-date, and completely close off the true life. Our site has tested the five most popular live video apps and reveals which out brings you the best big. Read what you should when the smart live circuit, tips (below).

And all join in!

2011, the first teenager with a penchant for self-promotion younow before the Smartphone Portal klemmten in the United States. You told, commented on, or just looked too. 2014, the shaft spilled over to Germany. With the periscope purchased by Twitter new illustrative material on the net and that land now 100 years every day! Also Facebook recently jumped on the bandwagon: held by status message social media fans may share with now able in live sent moving images and many users do that. In five years, there are only videos with us, predicts Nicola Mendelsohn, head of Europe at Facebook.

5 live streaming apps compared

Where one is a star?

Clear answer: best you are in there hands, where they are known and in demand:

Fast online and then?

All apps are fixed. You need to register (usually via Facebook and Twitter login) only at the service and then go live with just a few taps. So they are also seen, you announce your presence via Facebook post or tweet. Good: When Facebook and Periscope can distinguish themselves the audience at Streamago, Livestream and younow, however, watch all with. After all: All twisted videos can later retrieve, store offline and delete later on request.

6 tips for the stars of tomorrow

Before the startsie have something to tell Internet community? Then get on the phone! Before you get started, you should but observe some important points :

plan: you think about in advance roughly what you want to tell or show. Nothing is more boring than an overworked show master who doesn’t know what he wants for your viewers. Tip: Write down bullet points and make a short, ruffled trial run.

Inform: shortly before announcing the appearance! Is not tied to a specific event? Then you choose a cheap date about the evening. Time limit: Set first how long you want to be maximum on the air. Rule of thumb: You send minimum of 10 and maximum of 30 minutes, but is so interested viewers discover, not bored.

Professional work: for a studio recording a tripod or a stable storage for the phone is suitable, in order to avoid blurry. For handheld shots, you should set the image stabilization, which many apps offer. At Periscope you find above the function after mistake right on the male icon and settings. Running sendungder stream, the first spectators watching spellbound? So make for a perfect appearance :

change: If there is something to show, then do that! All apps Invert on request from the Selfie perspective on the back camera. Thanks to the higher resolution allows generally better images. Not dizzy avoid but too hectic movements, so that your viewers will.

Keep spectators happy: your audience writing comments, then you respond. Welcome new visitor, get them in the boat or ask questions to keep the conversation lively.

Stylish cede: leans toward the end your show, don’t stop, but set final words (formulate advance!) To the audience. Urge them to follow you and to stay balanced. Nachklappdas is light, the show over, your live event (first) is in the box. Congratulations!

Critically examine: all apps save the video. So may you look again later and see what should run better next time: more light, less fidget, more interaction? Always feel better!

Make available: also coming too late, is to see your video. Later share it on Facebook, Twitter & co. Passing title and video description to.

Viewers care: there are still unanswered comments, you respond. Wishes, go public, as in other videos.

Competition Watch: keep track of the Internet community, find out what upset you just moved, and is said to. Look up a few tricks from popular live streamers. Not to personally’re live streaming apps you present themselves to a wider audience. Put yourself as well as your communication needs clear boundaries. Tout not too personal information, especially details such as E-Mail or home address do not belong in the live video. You have streaming enthusiastic children? Then you show up necessarily limits and dangers the young. Live streams run also on the way liquid data usage in the blickdank of LTE. But be careful: keep the data usage in mind. Depending on the video setting gnawing every minute with approximately 10 megabytes of the quota. In many apps video quality can be in the settings reduce something, and save as data volume. Beachtenjede app has its own rules rules. In it, the provider sets what kind of videos he wants to see on his platform. All tested apps ban pornography, some smoking in front of the camera. Regardless of the policies of the provider, you may violate not the personality rights of others by include for example passers-by without their permission in your video.


The smart live experience convinced most by periscope. The app is a good alternative to the pioneer younow or the (still) somewhat Loveless implemented Facebook feature even if probably the most spectators wait.