Not The Know and Sure Tea Falls: New Scotch & Soda for This Spring

What how would describe the new Scotch & Soda for this spring-summer 2013? As several adjectives I can think of but it is clear that two of them are fresh and original. Color is one of the maxims of the collection and I think it looks pretty clear view of the items in the collection: multitude of diluted and degraded, floral prints and animal print on all sides and very stylish when combined. Everything to make the spring or boring or devoid of personality. Simply perfect.

As we have said, the colors are one of the strong points of the collection. His line is completely sporty and casual, with an abundance of materials like denim, cotton or linen that incorporates acid colour palettes that apply diluted and contrasted to achieve greater impact, especially denim.

Floral prints are one of the great strengths of the collection. Clothing such as pants, shirts, or even the inner liner trousers, hovering in the low returned, they upholster with colourful flower fields to welcome the spring.

Sport, casual style, urban and also some preppy which is complemented by a collection of plug-ins based on scarves, bow ties, borsalinos, shoes and bags It will delight all those who love to go in spring wearing model with its own personality and wasting joviality everywhere.