My Cat Is Depressed

My Cat Is Depressed

January 18, 2019 Medical 0
My Cat Is Depressed 1

Cats are particularly sensitive to stress. So, from the ethological point of view, it is more reasonable to think that our cat demonstrates a number of changes in its behavior as a result of stress, and not because he is depressed or angry with us thermosĀ  “disappeared ” for a few days.

My Cat Is Depressed 1

Due to sensibility to stress two cats, any changing in the environment can be a cause of a significant rupture in relation to the normal behavior of the feline. Changes in home furnishings, the arrival of a person or a new cottage for the pet, or an abscess our most prolonged can cause an acute stress reaction. Case This occurs by long time, you can aggravate you symptoms not cat. A few two symptoms most common are:

–Anorexia and loss of appetite: or cat to eat

–Apatia: cat or becomes less active or even is hidden from us.

–aggressiveness: Due to high stress levels and dis-associated to this situation.

–Marking: Stress is one of the main causes of the cat begin to urinate in the home differently of that he had already done before.

My Cat Is Depressed 2

To avoid this, we left some helpful tips that you can follow if you are going for lounge of our home for a few days or case would make a great changing in your home:

–Try not to make sudden changes at home, but rather slower. This way your cat will inure more easily to those new changes. For example, you replace or furniture in the room, make changing gradually in instead of swapping all at once.

–Before The arrival of a new person or pet, make the necessary preparations for that or puss sits down or as relaxed as possible. Create a safe area (a space in a two local cat favorites) by placing the tray, to bowl food and water, or scratcher and a toy there. Is you go to win a new pet, try not to give access to is area in the first few days or weeks for that, or your kitten get scared, it has a place for you to cherish quietly without to be disturbed.

–a week before the changing, place synthetic pheromones at home in form um diffuser. You can buy them in clinical veterinary sciences and specialized stores and they are very useful for helping in changing situations which involve stress or cat.

–possible, before the arrival of a new animal or person, mild to home a cloth, piece of clothing or object to give to that cat or is acustom with your smell. So on the arrival of the new roommate your kitten will be able to recognize your smell, or that it can be useful to in adapting to the new situation.

–If you go away for a few days, it is better to leave the cat in home to avoid or stress the trip for another location (new environment, unknown people, other unknown pets). Ask a friend or relative that goes every day to swap to food, water and sand from your kitten. Someone jumping and interacting with him will make him free his energy and meet the need to jump. It is preferable that person goes to take care of the already known historian Cat for him, or will Judah-deal better with situation and with his abscence.

–you will introduce a new cat or dog, ideally, between contacting a specialist in animal behavior to explain how to make it to introduction of shape to reduce a voltage or maximum possible both for your cat and as for the new partner.

My Cat Is Depressed 3

It is clear that a well socialized kitten from a more tender age, or historian, is accustomed to different situations, burrs, owner abscess and the presence of other animals in home will suffer less with the stress which changes situations and will deal much better. than a kitten who was not socialized. Historian Whatever your case, is important to take certain preventive measures so that changes at home and your absences are or are less stressful and negative or possible for your little companion.