Movistar Launches ‘Second Line’: Now Your SIM Can Have Two Different Numbers Associates

Movistar He has presented a new service that will allow us to associate free a new line to our phone in order to provide a greater privacy. Second line It starts in beta and it can be high without configurations by phone or via the web.

Second line will be available from March 15 to users of prepaid and contract, and you can request activation from now without paying anything. We will continue to receive a single invoice where will the main line and the new calls be. We can also make all efforts for this secondary number online.

Of course it is an important movement and surprising by Telefónica. In this way users will have easier to preserve our Privacy because we will decide who give our main number or our second number as it interests us, we can for example provide secondary for purchases on the Internet. We will decide calls and SMS we receive at the Secondline and what will be sent directly to your Inbox.

Second line can be activated by calling the 22522 or from your own website. Through this page (when the service is active) you can listen and download voice messages, configure our availability and record a message by voice mail, contact.

Update. FonYou came a year ago and they point out in the comments, “Second-line” Movistar is supported by fonYou He adds his experience in a service that performs the functions which we have detailed quite well.

Now that the own fonYou has opted to offer the service for free; Movistar, and so the other operators that launch similar services in the future, will have that keep the free service at the end of the beta phase if they don’t want to continue losing the income perceived by the interconnection of the calls received on their networks by such services.