Movistar Huawei Ivy, in-Depth Analysis – Part I: Software

Movistar Huawei Ivy, in-Depth Analysis – Part I: Software

July 8, 2017 Electronics 0

Earlier this month, Movistar presented its new commitment to June, where offered a low-cost Android terminal, was the Movistar Ivy. This terminal, manufactured by Huawei company, is really called Huawei U8110, but the name varies depends on the company that offers it, since Telstra announced that starting tomorrow, Tuesday, June 15, I would put also sold under the name of Huawei Selina.

On Engadget Mobile We have had the opportunity to try it Thanks to Movistar, well we have prepared a complete analysis of your software, your hardware, we have created a huge Gallery of images and screenshots with almost 70 photos, We have compared it with what is perhaps its most direct rival, and all spiced with general impressions that leave us the terminal. In this first article We will discuss your software.

Movistar Ivy, as we know, has the operating system Android 2.1 Eclair Google. Besides the already known features of this operating system, we can also discuss the inclusion of several details custom by Movistar.

The interface of Movistar Ivy itself comes from the de el Nexus One Launcher

The first of these is an interface “Home” or custom “Launcher” with multiple desktops, counting no less than 15. This interface offers a series of five shortcuts on the screen to enter the menu of installed applications, the marker of phones, address book, sending SMS and selection of different desks.

Movistar, they think of everything, and have included an application of series that allows us to change the famous Launcher de el Nexus one If at some point we arrived tired of the usual Home of series. As a note, comment that Movistar Ivy Photo Gallery, for example, does not seem nothing of Nexus One by much “Launcher” that will bring 3D Gallery.

In addition to the wallpapers, animated backgrounds, and typical widgets version 2.1 of Android, also includes a series of custom widgets so-called “Emotion”. Among them we can find, for example, photo frames, creators of notes and custom watches.

Will also be a widget that we invite to enjoy from a pay-per-use data rate, It is special MoviStar, but already told us something about our colleague Kote article published days ago, with prices included.

Movistar and the wide range of applications in Movistar Ivy

Other applications that has included Movistar, apart from all that brings Android series, are, for example, a Voice recorder, the application to control the FM radio that includes the terminal, a file Explorer, NetManager (an application that will allow us to select if other Apps will be connected to the network via 3G or WiFi), Facebook, Servo Search (to search both within your own terminal, as the network), RoadSync for Email, office suite Documents to Go and a multitude of demos various games such as Guitar Hero, ONE or Collapse.

Of course, you also come to including a series of own applications and links to their sites online emotion, Terra RSS and KETEK. Applications include the presence of “Route Movistar”, a street yellow pages-style, which, in addition to offering us more diverse services and facilities by categories, also will serve as as Planner chart routes using GPS that includes the terminal.

The other noteworthy application of Movistar is its ‘mstore’, own shop where will be releasing selected applications for their customers. For now I only I could find a Bidi codes reader (similar to QR Codes), but whenever we go will ask you to download updated files, so we assume that in a short period of time the offer will be greater.

Touch Pal, the virtual keyboard that tries to lend a hand with the capabilities of Movistar Ivy

Other entries in the system by Movistar, is the necessary virtual keyboard Touch Pal, Although this is, without a doubt, one of the points thorniest of Movistar Ivy. The culprit that say this actually is the hardware, since both the resistive display of “medium-low” quality as the size of the contribute to a bad experience user. But the hardware itself saying already talk in the second part of the analysis.

And we say bad experience, because To write Fluent, without selecting letters or figures wrong, in this terminal, it is virtually mission impossible. If your fingers are rather large, then your despair can rub very high limits. I have had them me to devise a somewhat “home” way to use it properly in this analysis:

Turning to the keyboard itself Touch Pal, we can highlight the great support that offers to show us several chances of correct keys at the same time on screen, if we want to press, for example, the “R” and the “E” mark accidentally. Also brings a wide range of emoticons, word prediction and the necessary keyboard numeric and symbols. We also have the Android keyboard series, but if the experience with the previous was already quite unbearable without pen, and this offered us help, with the Android already you must be conscious about what you expected.

Therefore, I recommend strongly that, if you prefer cultural activities by Movistar Ivy, yourselves without delay with a pencil or a pua for resistive screens, If not, you are warned.

Movistar Ivy does not require CD of drivers or applications for PC

But do not need it, because already brings them within. To connect the terminal to the computer (in my case) using your cable micro USB, will appear a menu similar to that included in the driver CD, and within this, appear both drivers, as the application of Huawei for PC with which you can synchronize PC and mobile easily. A good point in favor of Huawei’s face to cut costs and help save space between lots and lots of CDs in our House.

Unfortunately not I could see if these applications are available on other systems such as Linux or Mac OS X, but we assume that the drivers that will work without a problem.

Movistar Ivy software has negative points, but thanks to your Hardware

Using the terminal these days, we have detected some other failure of operation or fluency (which are the vast majority of them), as it cannot be otherwise, coming propiciados by the the hardware capabilities to assemble the device. The most noticeable thing that we have been able to suffer are:

  • Music playback: Using MP3s player, and when you turn the screen, can we notice as the music It momentarily stops or is dialed Since the processor busy recreating screen animations. It is something quite uncomfortable, so We recommend to lock the screen If we are going to use it as a music player.
  • Bluetooth: The Bluetooth works perfectly, but in the first instance, when trying to send photos from your gallery, and at a time which did not use microSD card for storage, Bluetooth simply did not work. All this was arranged days later, having reset the terminal several times and having already inserted the microSD card (and even without microSD card). You can go a sporadic failure or the own Android, but leave it there as a.
  • Nexus One Launcher: The Home of series does not have much challenge for Movistar Ivy, but if we select the Launcher de el Nexus One, the 3D animations when entering the menu applications, other transitions and navigation through the menu they will be much slower.
  • Animated backgrounds and general slowdown in Android 2.1: The animated backgrounds are the litmus test for the capabilities of the Movistar Ivy, test that fails at a very high level. While we are using the animated background, if it is not very complex, just there are drawbacks, but if the background is interactive and decided to test its functions, terminal It will slow down enough to interact with it. The slowdown actually spreads slightly throughout the system in general. By very multitasking that is this Android, not recommend it to “give smoke’ base to use many applications at the same time, since the technical abilities of Movistar Ivy they do not allow to make the most of that would be due to Android 2.1 Eclair, may be because it is little optimized, or because however much you try simply RAM and the processor can not with Eclair.

Clonclusiones on Movistar Ivy software

Finishing up, the conclusion in the applications section is rather positive. Not all Android phones come as complete series in its paragraph software like this Movistar Ivy (not even the footballer Nexus One), although spoilage under any other client for Twitter, For example.

Some terminals of the competition often come with few options of choice in their applications or literally “castrated”. This is not the case of Movistar Ivy.

Even so, the capabilities of the terminal do not take the juice that is you could take most of them, although if you are looking for a few functions basic Android terminal, and without thought of giving them much use to all them, Movistar Ivy covers that aspect sobradisimamente.

I leave you with the screenshots gallery where can you see images in all applications on which I have spoken. Other images and details that are missing, you will see in the second and final part of the analysis, which is dedicated to the Movistar Ivy hardware.

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