Mobile Phone Tariffs: So Much Money to Spend the Germans for the Use of Mobile Radio

With 26.13 euros, the residents of North Rhine-Westphalia monthly spend 25 percent more money for mobile phone contracts than Saxony. These have compared all States the lowest spending on mobile: 22.90 euros. This has determined Check24 by all between may 2015 and agreements concluded April 2016 on the consumer portal were compared.

Lace North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony economical

It also came out, the top position is that Düsseldorf 32.35 euros per month for the mobile rate pay that effectively compared the 15 largest cities of in Germany. That Dresden spend monthly at least 20,11 EUR, fits into the picture: Dusseldorf and Dresden are the State capital of North Rhine-Westphalia Saxony.

Lander in comparison: the Germans pay as much for their mobile phone contracts

Seniors order rarely fares with hardware

Evaluation Check24 mobile wireless experts entered the effective monthly price and hardware orders as well as place of residence and age of customers. So, they found also that mobile phone owners spend less and less for the mobile use of radio, they are older. Over 70 years spends only about half as much average at 13.76 euros as under 20 years with 29,93 euros. A possible reason: Older customers buy less expensive mobile phone contracts with hardware. Two-thirds of the under 20 years choose mobile phone contracts with Smartphone or tablet. Mobile phone users aged 60 and over, more than two-thirds, however, buy only a SIM card. The share of hardware orders even just under 25 percent is seniors 70.

Mobile communications: so customers can find the appropriate mobile phone contract

Always cheaper mobile phone contracts

Average customers by Check24 spend 22.90 euro for a new mobile phone contract in the month. That is 18 percent less than in the prior-year period (27,76 euros). Customers benefit from the strong competition in the mobile wireless market, says Andreas Quauke from Check24. The better price-performance ratio of most mobile phone contracts is another reason for the lower spending.