Mobile Payments, Customer and China Experience: The Three Tasks That Angela Ahrendts Wants to Prioritize

Mobile Payments, Customer and China Experience: The Three Tasks That Angela Ahrendts Wants to Prioritize

June 27, 2017 Electronics 0

“Very passionate, close, very Apple”. This is what I have told employees of some Apple Store which have already received the visit of her new boss, Angela Ahrendts. The Executive took control of Apple Retail and the company’s online store a few days ago, but still has not done anything notorious which can be seen from the outside.

On these visits, by what he has seen through employees, Angela has shown much more cheerful than its predecessor, John Browett, who hit more to the perspective of a pure businessman and not married with the philosophy of Apple as he ended up admitting after being dismissed. But we know already What plans does Angela so that Apple stores continue to evolve?

They have heard 9to5Mac sources, at the moment the focus is on a few areas. The first of these China, where Apple wants to have up to thirty official shops in 2016, tripling the current number. This signal is responsible for that country, Denny Tuza, stores worked much more attached to Angela from now. It is no wonder: the Chinese market gives many benefits now, and must promote sales to these consumers not only in China but also in other countries of the world shops.

“I have my MBA in Burberry, but I will draw my doctorate in Apple,” says Angela

Another approach where Ahrendts is working in background are payments and mobile experience the Apple Store. Before this we will have to wait for that in Cupertino I decide to squeeze better its TouchID sensor, but also would have the objective of “merge” the Apple Store website experiences and their official stores.

Finally we have the most delicate: the customer experience. It is what gives stores historical notoriety who have, and apparently Angela wants to change it completely. From what a person feels when entering the store, where to find the products and how to talk to employees until the same experience of pay and leave.

This is not easily changed: any detail that you want to modify may involve changes in templates of employees, the form with which products are displayed to the customer or even furniture. A challenge, since each Apple Store has its own distribution of products designed to mm. It predicts work for all managers of these stores.

At the moment, according to the experience of some employees, Angela has clear that the most important thing Apple has in its stores are the people who work in them and their passion the brand and products to improve the lives of the people. It is good sign, so we will be attentive to any changes that the new Apple Retail senior Vice President wants to propose.