Meaning of Scaffolding

Meaning of Scaffolding

It is called scaffolding to a series of scaffolding. A scaffold, on the other hand, is a structure that is made up of tables arranged horizontally so that a person can get on it and do work at height or have a better view of something. Scaffolding is a word that has its etymological origin in Latin. Specifically, it comes from the sum of the verb “ambulare”, which can be translated as “walk”, and from the suffix “-amio”, which is used to indicate a superlative.

For example: “The government has already installed the scaffolding for the restoration of the old convent”, “Tomorrow they will bring the scaffolding that will allow the facade of the municipality to be painted”, “If you walk the scaffolding, you will notice that the stage can be seen from any corner”.

In the same way, we cannot overlook the existence of the concept of educational scaffolding. With this term what comes to be expressed is the process by which one comes to control which are the elements that are far from the student’s abilities to focus on those that he does possess, which he can reach without difficulty. That is, it is about “reinforcing” your skills, which you possess. And that is how, among other things, your self-esteem will improve and frustration will be left aside.

In addition, it comes to indicate that what the teacher should do is to provide them with tools so that they can advance in their learning, both in the aspects that the student controls and in those that do not. That is why I give him support, offer him resources… Thus, little by little, he will improve in many aspects and that will mean that when he is able to deal with certain actions on his own, the teacher will withdraw his help. Therefore, it is about the student achieving autonomy and ability to face challenges on his own.

In this way, what is going to be achieved is that the minor develops his full potential. Hence, the aforementioned educational scaffolding is considered very useful also in what is the teaching that parents give their children.

The idea of ​​scaffolding is also used symbolically in relation to the framework or framework that supports or configures something. This framework is not physical, but is formed by various relationships, concepts, discourses, actions, etc.

Suppose a political leader claims that his country needs “better institutional scaffolding. ” In this case, the expression refers to the need for stronger and more effective institutions that help protect the rights of citizens and guarantee the quality of democracy.

A lawyer, on the other hand, can analyze “legal scaffolding” to make a company pay the least amount of taxes possible without incurring any crime. For this the specialist must study the tax regimes, determine what deductions can be made and discover what tax benefits are accessible to the company according to their characteristics.

The scaffolding of a sports team, finally, is linked to the operation of the set according to its players and to the tactics arranged by the coach: “FC Barcelona developed a perfect scaffolding at the time of Pep Guardiola. ”


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