Meaning of Mouth

Meaning of Mouth

Coming from the Latin word bucca, mouth is the term used to name the front opening of the digestive tract of animals, including human beings. The mouth is located on the head and allows the intake of food and liquids.

The concept can refer to the cavity where the teeth and tongue are found, but also to the teeth in general or even the lips (the outer edges of the mentioned cavity).

For example: “The man was arrested after hitting his wife in the mouth”, “I have to go to a dentist to fix my mouth”, “At the parade, the model wore her mouth painted gold”.

The mouth is essential for the digestive process. In it, chewing is carried out, which allows the food to be crushed to form the food bolus. This is possible thanks to salivation (the production of saliva, a liquid that helps the development of the aforementioned food bolus).

The speaking also has a mouth like shape. The teeth, tongue and lips allow the voice to be articulated, which comes out precisely through the mouth. A person whose mouth is closed (that is, the lips together) cannot speak.

The openings that allow entry or exit from somewhere are also called mouths: “The subway mouth was closed due to a fire”, “I could not get there before because the mouth of the street was blocked by protesters.

It is interesting to know that, in addition to all the above, there is a disease that bears the term at hand in its name. We are referring to the pathology called hands, foot and mouth or mouth, hand and foot.

It is suffered by children and presents with symptoms and consequences such as fever, sore throat, malaise or noticeable lack of appetite. However, its main hallmarks is that it manifests itself with rashes and sores that small ones appear in those areas of the body that give it its name.

As a general rule, it is not a serious disease because, within a maximum period of ten days, patients are able to be completely cured without having had any type of medical treatment.

In addition to all the above, it must be emphasized that it is contagious, that it is caused by different viruses and that, especially, those under 5 years of age suffer from it. Its contagion occurs through sneezing and coughing, through kisses and hugs or with very close contact.

The best ways to prevent are to maintain good hygiene, especially your hands; Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth after washing those hands, do not share glasses with children who suffer from the disease and avoid close contact with them, that is, leave aside kisses and hugs.

Only in very specific and really rare cases can it lead to viral meningitis.

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