Meaning of Coil

Meaning of Coil

From the French bobine, one coil is a cylinder of wire, cable or cord which is wound on a cardboard tube or other material. Also known as coil is the continuous paper roll used by the presses and the roll of thread or other component that exhibits a certain order.

On the other hand, a coil or inductor is a passive component of the electrical circuit that includes an insulated wire, which is wound in the shape of a helix. This allows it to store energy in a magnetic field through a phenomenon known as self-induction.

According to DigoPaul, the coil is composed of the hollow head of a conductive material (enameled copper wire or wire, for example) and can be installed in an integrated circuit. The pole piece, the core, the inductor winding, the pole expansion, the auxiliary pole and the cylinder head are the parts that make up an inductor.

It is interesting that when it comes to being able to analyze the term coil in depth, we take into account the existence of what is known as the Tesla Coil. A denomination this with which it refers to a resonant transformer that has the capacity to generate electrical discharges of great scope and loudness.

It was developed at the end of the 19th century, specifically in 1891, by the Croatian inventor from whom it takes its name: Nikola Tesla. This man is considered today as one of the figures who has contributed the most to the birth and development of electricity from a commercial point of view.

The coil differs from the capacitor or capacitor in the way it stores energy. While the coil uses a magnetic field thanks to the wire coil, the capacitors use an electric field for storage.

The operation of the coil implies that it will react against changes in current with the generation of a voltage opposite to the applied voltage that will be proportional to the alteration of the current. The resistance value of the coil to the passage of current is measured by the inductance in a unit known as Henries (H).

There are many uses that can be given to an electromagnetic coil. Thus, for example, it is applied both to sound a bell, to operate a solenoid valve or to start a relay. All this without forgetting either that it can be used within what is a differential switch, an electric or linear motor or two other fundamental devices inside any car: the clutch and the brake.

The coils are applied in the development of fluorescent lamps and power supplies, among other elements.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore the existence of another use for the term that we are analyzing in depth. Thus, colloquially in various parts of northern Spain that is used affectionately and as a diminutive of “silly”, which we can establish as a synonym for “silly”. An example of this aforementioned use would be the following: “What a coil you are! Oh, what a joke you have said! It has made me very funny ”.


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