Meaning of Bluetooth

Meaning of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a technological specification for wireless networks that allows the transmission of voice and data between different devices using a secure radio frequency (2.4 GHz). This technology, therefore, allows communications without cables or connectors and the possibility of creating home wireless networks to synchronize and share the information that is stored in various computers.

Thus, for example, one of the most common situations in which the use of bluetooth occurs is when two acquaintances are in the same room and want to exchange photographs that they have on their respective mobile phones. In this case, they connect the bluetooth and these images are “passed” quickly and easily without having to resort to what is an Internet connection.

And it is common for the bluetooth and the Wifi connection to be confused or opposed. However, it must be made clear that both cover different actions and fields that are completely compatible and equally useful for any user of portable devices such as the aforementioned smartphones or smartphones as well as PDAs or tablets, for example.

The term Bluetooth (“Blue tooth” in English, although the name comes from the Danish and Norwegian king Harald Blåtand, translated as Harold Bluetooth) is the commercial and popular name of the IEEE 802.15.1 wireless communication standard. The first company to investigate this technology was Ericsson, charged with leading a group that, over time, brought together IBM, Nokia, Microsoft, Motorola and other companies that supported the standard.

Computers, mobile phones, and digital cameras are some of the devices that can communicate using Bluetooth technology (as long as their models allow it).

There are three classes of Bluetooth: Class 1 (with a range of approximately 100 meters), Class 2 (10 meters) and Class 3 (1 meter). Specialists consider that, in the coming years, all technological equipment will have the ability to communicate with each other thanks to the standard.

It can be said that the hardware that makes up a Bluetooth system has two parts: the radio device that modulates and transmits the signal, and the digital controller (with CPU, a digital signal processor known as a Link Controller, and an interface processor).

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore the existence of other terms that also make use of the term that we are now analyzing. Among those is, for example, the bluetooth stack concept that we can specify that it is an application whose fundamental mission is to carry out the management of each and every one of the services offered by the aforementioned bluetooth port.

Among the batteries of this type we would highlight the Widcomm, which was the first to appear on the market, or BlueSoleil. All this without forgetting the IwBT, the BlueZ or the Affix. The latter two stacks that have been basically created to be able to work with them in what is the Linux environment.

It should be noted that, as we have mentioned previously, Bluetooth is often compared to WiFi, another technology that allows information to be shared wirelessly, although both standards have different strengths.


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