Meaning of Block

Meaning of Block

The etymology of the word block leads us to the French bloc and the Dutch blok. The term allows you to refer to a large piece of compact material. For example: “A huge block of ice nearly wrecked the ship”, “A worker was killed when a concrete block fell on his head.

In this sense, we would have to state that specifically within the construction field, the term at hand is also used and with various meanings. However, one of the most frequently used is the one that refers to an ashlar that is made of concrete.

The concept of bloc also refers to an occasional grouping of organizations, countries or political parties that share certain objectives: “The left bloc decided to promote a request for impeachment of the mayor”, “The fall of the communist bloc was a severe economic blow to Cuba ”, “ Gómez, Rinaldi and Formet decided to withdraw from their parties and form a new bloc in the Senate ”.

Starting from this meaning, we would also find the fact that throughout the entire world geography there is a large number of political formations that incorporate the term bloc in their name. This would be the case, for example, of the Bloque Nacionalista Gallego party that exists in Spain and specifically in the autonomous community of Galicia. The aforementioned was founded in 1982, is located on the left and in addition to all this has independence and socialism as an ideology.

Other political formations that follow the line of the previous one are the Sadr Bloc in Iraq, the Democratic Sanitation Bloc in Chile and finally the so-called Socialist Bloc also in Chile.

Block is, on the other hand, the building that includes several houses of the same height and that present similar characteristics, and the block of houses.

To act as a block is to act together. The phrase is often used when one wants to explain that a group of people acted in solidarity and without distinction to achieve a common goal: “The team played as a block and constituted a defensive wall that could never be overcome by the rival”, “The neighbors en bloc they put to work to rebuild the house that was destroyed by the fire ”.

In addition to all of the above, we cannot ignore the fact that Bloque is also the name of a rock music group that was founded in Cantabria (Spain) in the 70’s and that marked a milestone within the panorama of the moment.. Five were the albums that this formation launched on the market and among them the first stood out precisely because it had the same term as the title we are now analyzing. Paco Baños, Luis Pastor or Juan José Answer were some of the members of that group.

In computer science, a block is the smallest amount of data that can be transferred between the main memory of the computer and one (or vice versa) peripheral device. Generally, the physical size of the data block is larger than the logical record.


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