Meaning of Blister

Meaning of Blister

A blister is a kind of container or packaging that is used to store different elements. It consists of a support made of cardboard, cardboard or aluminum on which a plastic sheet adheres. This transparent sheet, for its part, has one or more cavities that allow the objects to be stored.

According to DigoPaul, blister packs, due to their characteristics, help to protect products during transport and handling, and in turn allow them to be displayed at points of sale. It is usual for the support to present the name of the brand or company, a logo and various information on the use and conservation of the product. Since the plastic sheet is transparent, the product itself is always visible.

Many pharmaceutical products are usually marketed in blisters. The tablets, the pills, the pills and capsules, for example, in blisters with cavities or individual blisters: thus, the person can take a product at a time, while the remainder is preserved in its original container.

This type of blister that is used in the pharmaceutical sector has a design known as push through. The subject must press on the individual vial so that the pill or lozenge breaks the aluminum support and exits the container on the opposite side.

Certain office supplies, such as pens (pens), scissors, and markers (markers), are also offered in blisters. The same happens with technological or electronic products, such as cables, mouses (mice) for computers (computers) and pendrives, and with many toys.

Thanks to the success of the blister as a packaging format for commercial products, large chains have the possibility of displaying very small items, which in the past had to be ordered at a counter. At this point, the buyer has greater freedom to evaluate all the alternatives before making a decision, without the need to bother the sellers. For stores, one of the biggest advantages is the reduction in the chances of theft, since even a small tool comes in a blister pack that is many times its size and this makes it difficult to hide it in a pocket.

In the case of collectible figures, very popular in various fields, the blister format is ideal for presenting them to the public and allowing them to observe them carefully before choosing one. Figures of fictional characters, both replicas of actors in one of their representations for film or television, as well as cartoons or three-dimensional models, are among the best-selling products worldwide.

Contrary to what many may believe, collectible figures appeal to adults and children alike, if not more. Of course, they are not always the same products; Adults tend to chase exclusive, rare, or high-quality dolls, generally for the purpose of displaying them in their studios or for use in combination with an NFC reader to unlock different features of a compatible video game. The blister presentation is perfect for those who prefer to examine the figures for defects, or for those who arrive at the store without knowing exactly which one they want to buy.

Collectors find one more advantage to the blister: it allows them to leave the packaging intact throughout the life of the product without depriving them of displaying it. Let’s not forget that we are talking about people who are often willing to invest considerable sums of money for an item that is difficult to find: after having paid for a collectible figure more than a car or a house, it is a good idea to prevent the dust and scratches deteriorate its surface.


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