Meaning of Biscuit

Meaning of Biscuit

The idea of sponge cake refers to different types of gastronomic preparations. With the same name, according to the region, different foods are known, which can be sweet or salty.

A cake or frosting may be a class of foam used to pastries, cakes and pies prepared. These cakes are made by mixing ingredients such as eggs, flour, milk, butter and sugar and baking the mixture in an oven. The basic dough, however, only has eggs, flour and sugar.

It is important to note that the egg is not an essential ingredient for the preparation of the cake, something that we can see in the vegan version of this dough. Although there are various products that can offer a similar result in terms of texture and consistency, it is perfectly possible to make a sponge cake with water, flour and sugar, without using any ingredient of animal origin.

Something similar happens with milk and butter; Although it is believed that it is not possible to achieve good results in baking without these two products, vegan cuisine does not hesitate to replace them with vegetable alternatives, such as soy drink and olive butter. One of the differences that can first be appreciated is that the absolutely vegetarian dishes are much lighter and easier to digest, despite being equally delicious.

Biscuits is also the name given to bakery or pastry products that, in other countries, are called invoices. In this case, it is a question of doughs made with flour, fat, sugar, salt and yeast that, in general, are filled or covered with some type of sweet.

There are regions where the cakes or biscuits are biscuits made with salted fat. It is common for these cakes, in the River Plate countries, to be eaten at breakfast or as a snack as an accompaniment to mate.

In Spain you can get soletilla sponge cakes, a dry and sweet cookie, elongated in shape, with rounded tips. These cookies are flavored with vanilla essence: in Argentina, due to this particularity, they are called vanilla. Sometimes the sponge cakes are used as a base to prepare cakes or pastries.

The Baba, the marble cake, the Genoese sponge cake, the rainbow cake, the bundt cake and Moroccan cake are other culinary creations that share this name so widely used worldwide.

One of the especially simple recipes to make but not lacking in flavor or charm is the lemon sponge cake, a very delicious and versatile dessert that can be enjoyed both for breakfast and as a snack. Let’s see the ingredients below:

* baking powder (the exact amount is 16 grams, which is usually found in conventional sachets);

* flour;

* sugar;

* olive oil (if possible, buy extra virgin for best results, both in taste and texture);

* the zest of a lemon;

* flour and olive butter to prepare the mold before placing the mixture;

* icing sugar, mint leaves and jam for the final decoration.

The first step is to turn on the oven. While it is heating, we put water, sugar, oil and the grated lemon in a container, we beat it and we add a mixture of flour and yeast that we have previously prepared separately. It is necessary to continue beating until total homogeneity is appreciated.

Butter the mold, sprinkle it with flour and pour the mixture. The oven should be at 180 ° C and the cooking time is around 40 minutes. Before unmolding the cake, it is important to let it cool down. Finally, we can decorate it with icing sugar, jam and some mint leaves.


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