Meaning of Apple HomePod

Meaning of Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod is a wireless speaker. It is only 17.2 centimeters high and 2.5 kilograms heavy device for listening to music and controlling various processes in your home.

  • The HomePod is a loudspeaker from Apple.
  • He controls the existing building services.
  • Apple’s voice assistant Siri is integrated.

What is the Apple HomePod?

The Apple HomePod is a powerful speaker. It works without cables and can be set up flexibly in the room. During the development of the device, particular emphasis was placed on the sound quality, with additional functions being built in in addition to music playback. The loudspeaker has a kind of sense of direction, through which it recognizes its position and the circumstances of the environment. So he can always control the sound alignment perfectly. Apple’s HomePod went on sale in the USA, Australia and Great Britain in February 2018. The loudspeaker has also been available on the German market since July of the same year.

Apple HomePod: features

The main function of the Apple HomePod is to play music. For this purpose loudspeakers with advanced technology are integrated. The bass sits on top of the device and provides a rich sound. Since the Apple HomePod works wirelessly, you can position it however you want. To ensure that the sound is consistently good regardless of the location, six microphones and an additional bass EQ microphone analyze the audio quality. In addition to playing music, you can also use the Apple HomePod to communicate with the Siri voice assistant. Thanks to the audioOS operating system, the Apple loudspeaker is able to control your compatible home technology and access Apple Music.

Install HomePod

To set up the HomePod, you must have an iPhone , iPad or iPod touch. These must be at least with the operating system version iOS 11.2.5. be equipped.

  • Connect the HomePod to power and place it on a solid surface.
  • Hold the end device next to the loudspeaker.
  • After the HomePod is recognized, click “Configure”.
  • You can now transfer all the important settings for the loudspeaker via the “Personal Inquiries” area.

This means that the audio source now also has the necessary information about Siri, WLAN, etc. You can use the Home app to check whether the installation has been successfully completed.

Siri on the HomePod

You can communicate with your voice-operated assistant Siri using your Apple HomePod. This works even when music is playing at the same time. Thanks to the six high-performance microphones, your commands are perceived and implemented by the device at all times. Siri helps you, for example, to control the technology in your home. You can use voice commands to find out how warm it is in the bedroom or who is ringing the doorbell. How it works? The HomePod can be integrated as part of Apple’s HomeKit. Siri works independently of phone or tablet. Simply speak to the assistant with “Hey, Siri” and ask for a specific music track, the current weather report or a calendar entry.

Comparison with Amazon Echo and Google Home

The Apple HomePod isn’t the only multi-function speaker on the market right now. Similar devices are also available from Amazon and Google. They are all used to play music and at the same time have a voice-controlled assistant that listens to different names. Siri is the most sensitive when spoken to when a song is running. The quality of the sounds also seems to be the best with the Apple HomePod, based on various test results. When it comes to controlling home automation, Amazon offers a wider range of devices that can be connected. Both Amazon Echo and Google Home can be controlled with different tablets and phones, at Apple this is only possible with devices from the same company.


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