Meaning of Anchor

Meaning of Anchor

The term anchor derives from the Latin word ancŏra, although its most remote origins are found in the Greek language. An anchor is a very heavy element that is attached to a chain and is thrown into the water from a boat so that it buries at the bottom so that the boat does not move.

The anchor thus allows the ship to remain still beyond the currents. In general, the anchor has two hooks that dig into the ground, preventing the boat from being dragged by the force of the water.

It must be established that every anchor is divided into several parts. We are referring to the cane, the stem, the arms, the map, the nails and the stocks.

When the boat is very large, it is usual for it to have three anchors: two in the bow sector and the third in the stern. The anchors can weigh up to twenty tons when the dimensions of the boat are large.

As for the anchor chain, it is made of wrought iron. These chains are formed with links that, every 25 meters, have a link with particular characteristics (it can be disassembled). The chain is measured in shackles: 27.5 meter sections. This lets sailors know how much chain is underwater after dropping the anchor.

There are many and varied classes of anchor that exist, among which we can highlight the following: –
Grapple anchor, which is frequently used for what are small boats. It is identified by the fact that it is very effective in bottoms where there are many algae and many rocks.
-Danforth anchor. It is framed among the most popular varieties and is especially appropriate when it comes to very muddy and even sandy bottoms.
-Plow anchor. This is considered one of the most common and has in its favor that it is usually very useful for all types of seabed, although it is not the most appropriate in those that are rocky.

It is precisely to know that many people who have worked at sea, who have been part of the army of the sea or who have a strong relationship with it have proceeded and continue to proceed to tattoo an anchor on their bodies. In this case, we must know that, in addition to being an evocation of the sea, this element is associated with other meanings:
-It is an amulet, since it is considered to bring good fortune.
– No less relevant is the fact that it is a symbol of stability, the one that the sailor achieved when he disembarked and returned to his home, to his home on dry land.
-It is considered that it can also be used as a synonym for security, tranquility, character…

It should be noted that the idea of anchor is used symbolically with reference to what is a burden, which holds or prevents progress. For example: “You have to give up this job: it is an anchor for your professional growth”, “This shopping center needs an anchor store that attracts shoppers and makes them stay several hours in the place”.


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