Meaning of Amazon Echo

Meaning of Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo and Alexa are inseparable: Echo is the medium of the intelligent voice assistant from Amazon. The loudspeaker can be conveniently controlled by voice and can make life easier in many ways – from shopping to choosing music to room lighting.

  • Amazon Echo replaces a music system and supports many popular streaming services
  • The intelligent loudspeaker is available in different designs and thus fits different living styles
  • Amazon Echo and Alexa are constantly updated thanks to the cloud-based technology.

What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that uses Amazon’s voice assistant. Alexa can receive voice commands of all kinds and perform services. The slim, round smart speaker appeared on the German market in October 2016. If you like it more compact, you can use the much flatter version called Echo Dot. Many users use Amazon Echo to listen to music, which is why Amazon relies on sound quality and built the speaker with Dolby technology. In addition, the device has various microphones so that the voice commands can be understood and processed optimally from every direction. Amazon Echo is WLAN and Bluetooth-enabled and therefore has a high level of connectivity. With Amazon Echo Spot and Echo Show, the user even has the option of buying devices with an integrated screen.

How does Amazon Echo work?

Amazon Echo is controlled via the associated voice service Alexa. The device is in standby mode around the clock and processes voice signals. If the signal word sounds, the loudspeaker reacts and starts voice control. The signal word is usually “Alexa”, but can also be switched to “Amazon”, “Echo” or “Computer” – practical, because if an Alex or Alexa lives in the household, there is a risk of confusion. Alternatively, voice control can also be activated at the push of a button. This button is on the top of the Amazon Echo. If you do not want the Amazon Echo to always listen in and be ready for use at all times, you can switch off the microphones completely using the mute button, which is also operated on the top of the housing.

What can Amazon Echo do?

As an intelligent voice assistant, Amazon Echo is able to make everyday life easier and provide entertainment. As soon as the device is connected to the Internet, it can, for example, set a timer or alarm clock, manage appointments or define terms. Further functions can be activated using the so-called skills: They are supported by third-party providers. The cooperation partners include Tagesschau, BMW, mytaxi and Deutsche Bahn. Then Alexa can use Amazon Echo to announce timetables and the weather report, order taxis, tell jokes or summarize the content of the news.

The smart speaker is perfect as a tool for music streaming. It supports a variety of services – including TuneIn, Spotify, and of course Amazon Music. This gives Amazon Echo access to a huge pool of music titles – from oldies to the latest new releases. Music for special moods can also be played on demand on special occasions. Anyone who owns several Amazon Echo devices can use Multiroom Music to play music simultaneously in all rooms in which there is a smart speaker – whether the same song or different music styles is up to everyone.

Keyword Smart Home : Anyone who connects the Amazon Echo with compatible thermostats, switches or lamps can conveniently control the lighting and temperature in their own house using voice commands. Many known systems smart home, including Philips Hue, are compatible with the smart speakers from Amazon.

Amazon Echo users also no longer have to lift a finger when they want to send messages or make calls: a short voice command and the device accesses the phone book of the paired smartphone and calls the desired person. You can even make purchases on Amazon with a voice command to the Amazon Echo without having to click on “Buy”. Alexa can not only place orders, but also the order status, see.

What does the Amazon Echo cost?

Depending on the product, the recommended retail price for the Amazon Echo is between 59.99 euros and 219.99 euros – from the small Echo Dot to the Echo Show with a 7-inch display. The original product Amazon Echo is available for 99.99 euros. However, it makes sense to combine Amazon Echo with a Prime membership – only then will the full range of Amazon services be available and shopping via Amazon Echo is even more fun thanks to free and fast Prime delivery.


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