Macs in IBF Computer Retro Expo

Since the 5 to March 29 is celebrating the computer Retro exhibition, It organizes the Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB) inside the shopping centre L’illa Diagonal.

This exhibition whose motto is “The past from the future” intended to be a review of the machines that have been marking the generations of engineers who have passed by IBF and collect from the first IBM PC, a Macintosh, the Spectrum, Commodore, Amstrad and Oric that year he, populated desks many developers around the world.

In this way we can see some Mac Classic and a Mac SE If we give a tour of the desktops section. But on the other hand in this section we can find real gems that will make many memories come to more than one. I specifically have impacted me enough photos of the Spectrum, that marked an era of my childhood (or remember the number of times that I could play the legendary Zaxxon).

Also include a review of laptops, which is can go see the evolution in the time you have been taking, among these models in it comes to Macs, the first Powerbooks, a very advanced at the time models that allowed greater mobility to people who used to make use of its power many hours a day.

Thanks Lady Madonna!