Leggings for Trekking: Why Use Them?

At the time of leaving the mountain for our excursions on the mountain, I advise if possible go well protected in every aspect. In today’s post I will speak about the Leggings for Trekking. Because there is nothing more uncomfortable than a stone in the shoe, right? That’s one of the reasons why it is best to use the skin-tight garment. Did you know that Leggings for many years were used by the farmers and shepherds? Nowadays its use changed and became a fixture of protection against stones, moisture and dirt in mountaineering and adventure sports.

Leggings for Trekking

There are many brands that I use on the market and use those who practice Trekking with me are the Solomon and Ferrino. The Stop Run of RaidLightare also great. It is important to have in mind that are designed with connection without abrasions that protect you legs and footwear of the inputs from external elements.

Types of Leggings for Trekking:

  1. long leggings or high that protect your leg from the knee to the ankle. They are practical for use on snow or water.
  2. the short Trek leggings or casualties that protect you from the mid-calf to ankle. Protect you from rocks, branches or other materials. This type of leggings is also used by those who practice trail running.

Leggings are manufactured with resistant materials that increase heat retention of footwear with waterproof clothing of upper elastic closure and rigid bracing on the foot.

The structure of Leggings for Trekking consists of the top to wear a rubber band to prevent them from slipping down.

Types of Leggings

What you must take into account when you go to buy some leggings for trekking?

-The clamp under the most common boot is the heaving line of steel, but the toughest are urethane or neoprene belts.

-You have to be very careful when it comes to buckle so it is not on the edge of the sole and do not crush when walking.

-Side zips for easy implementation. The best carry a flap with velcro closure that prevents between moisture for them.

-At the bottom, ahead, they carry a small hook to secure the gaiter to boot laces, and protect more.

And last but not least, tell you that two Leggings for trekking are not the same, are symmetric, i.e. There is one to the right leg and one for the left.

As a tip to get them, zippers must be on the outside, with the hooks of the cords from the front.

Leggings for Outdoor Sports