Kik Is Faster That Facebook Releasing Bots Shop

If we talk about messaging application probably comes to WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger head, but there are many other applications used daily by millions of people, as Kik. Specifically, its last digit of users posted is 275 million users. Not too many if you compare them to the 800 million of Messenger, but still nothing negligible a figure.

Well, perhaps Kik is not so popular around the world as WhatsApp, Messenger or Telegram, but today you get the honour of being the first messaging application that launches a store and catalog of bots in conditions.

Like many other applications, messaging, Kik had already experienced in the past with bots and had with some other bot in their systems, but this store makes its discovery and most easy to use for all of its users, which now have a new place where to find useful or entertaining with whom to interact directly from the chat bots.

For now, not too many

Kik bots shop not account for now with too many entries, although there are several well-known names as Vine, The Weather Channel, Sephora, Funny or Die or H & M. The bots are grouped in categories news, entertainment and style of life and games.

Messaging applications found a good reef the use of bots to achieve that its faithful users remain in the application as long as possible, with more things to do besides talk to friends. At some point you may not want to install any application extra for see the time or order a pizza, Since you can achieve the same simply telling a bot.

Telegram It is another example of application that has strong parlayed the bots, who collects hundreds of interesting bots, but lacking an official shop where to find (beyond other bots that list bots), the experience is quite more complicated for a user half.

On the other hand, Facebook Messenger expressed by active and passive interest in introducing bot into Messenger conversations (and have her ready Chat SDK), but by now the bots shop resists you, but he is expected to hear from her at the next F8 Conference.

If you use Kik Messenger, you can find the catalog of bots directly in the application, or surf shop from the browser on your PC (in which case you can add them by scanning the code with your phone).


  • Version of Android: from 4.0
  • Developer: Kik Interactive
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Communication