Jabra Halo Smart-Strong to Price [TEST]

Jabra Halo Smart-Strong to Price [TEST]

August 2, 2016 Electronics 0

Review of the Jabra Halo Smart Bluetooth headset. Good for the price, for the day and listen to music.

The market for wireless headsets is a bit of a jungle. There is no shortage of models and features of varying prices.

With its latest headset intended for everyday use as well as fitness, seems to have found a good Danish Jabra compromise between price, quality and performance.

Meet The Jabra Halo Smart.

Specifications Jabra Halo Smart

Dimensions: 141 x 141 x 35 mm, 38 grams, 52 cm cable
Technique: 10 mm Neodynium membrane, 20-20,000 Hz
Battery: 17 hours of talk, 15 hours music, 2 hour charge via micro-USB
Materials: Plastic
Colors: Black with cord in red, blue or black
Microphone: omni-directional
Connection: Bluetooth 4.0, dedicated Jabra assist app
Moreover: Magnetic staple, IP54-approved, Google Now and Siri-button, comes with plasttip in S, M and L.
Price: around $ 500.


Jabra Halo Smart is not a pure blooded sportsheadset, but trying instead to make it available to both car trips, Office as well as a run every now and then.

Unlike most sports embossed headsets out there, choose deselect Jabra therefore the soft rubber-like materials with reflective tapes, instead relying on rigid plastic and a more light-weight design.

Battery and electronics are stored in a necklace that can be adjusted slightly so that it ends well around his neck.

The actual sound is delivered by some in-ear earbud, competent screen the extraneous noise away – without, however, matching it, as no ANC-headsets can deliver.

Earplugs come with earbuds in three different size and sits very well fixed. However, you have thought you to exercise with Halo Smart, they can, however, have a tendency to fall out.

Stays all day

The advantage with Halo Smarts design is that it can accommodate a much larger battery than what you typically find in wireless headsets.

Battery rows to 17 hours of continuous speech, or 15 hours of continuous music playback – you can have it running uninterrupted from early morning to late-night hours. One thing is, however, producers often very optimistic promises, something else is the practice – but here honours Jabra expectations. It performs in my test séance in 8 hours without smoking under the 50 percent. Great applause from here.

Another handy feature is that the charging process is carried out through an ordinary micro-USB port – no need for any complicated dock here.

Halo Smart also appears to be created to keep for life’s challenges, with an outer which is both dust and water repellent and wind shielding around the microphone.

Small magnetter in earplugs at the same time, ensures your cord not flip flop around on the neck. Either they can join each other magnetically, or alternatively you can park them up of the neckband.


A smart headset

Jabra put actually up to, the headset is used continuously with several slick smart features that make it easier to fix everyday small tasks.

A built-in Siri/Google Now button on the left side, for example, makes it possible to search the Web or create calendar appointments using voice commands – and therefore without your phone must up the Pocket.

Another handy feature is available through the Jabra Jabra’s own ‘ Assist ‘ app. Here you can ask the app to read incoming messages, emails or upcoming calendar appointments.

It’s all done, however, only at a few selected language: name is Danish not supported – a little pity, when now Jabra is a Danish company.

Seamless pairing with short range

The mating dance between mobile and headset takes place smoothly through Bluetooth 4.0 – here’s the audiophile aptX-standard, however, omitted.

Halo Smart can simultaneously be connected up to devices at the same time – it’s smart because you can thus have both laptop and mobile attached at the same time. Halo Smart can remember up to 8 of your devices — plenty for most people.

Jabra assist app also comes with a nice ‘ Find my Jabra ‘ feature: turn it on, and there will sound a piven, who makes it easy to find the headset – even if it was supposed to have strayed behind any sofa cushions.

As in most headsets loves that up 10 meter range – which I, however, didn’t quite achieve in practice. Are you more than 5 metres from your mobile, you may easily arise crunch on the line – especially if a wall come between you and your phone.


A nice sound

Jabra Halo Smart is one of the market’s cheaper headsets – but this does not mean that the reason sounds cheap.

The sound is full-bodied, with a bass that sticks well down in the sound spectrum and provides a warm and comfortable version of the tune.

Had to put a finger on anything, so I would like to highlight a lack of precision which can tarnish and a bass that can be ‘ boomy ‘ when the headset is plugged in all the way to – that will be the bass almost too much of a good thing.

But all in all, is Halo Smart a well-playing case, if audio is tuned to deliver an enjoyable experience rather than a clinically perfect sound stage.

In a market experiencing a regular deluge of new devices, Jabra Halo seems Smart to stand out: not because it is spectacular, but because the snuff sensibly understands that the glitch on a number of essential points.

The sound is good, the features are usable, the price is sharp and the battery holder only.

I have therefore got some scam for the headset, which despite little flops as the hard plastic and the short range, get 5 stars from here.