It Is Impossible to Get Bored with The New Zara for This Spring-Summer 2013!

My Zara relationship always has been and will be love-hate. His style lately is guilty of being too innovative to coast copy half a world fashion catwalks (Yes, even in the world of men’s fashion) and prices increasingly differ less than the garments of haute coture to which emulate.

But it is true that occasionally surprised with lookbooks and collections such as that tabled for this Spring 2013 in which the freshness, innovation and above all the summer spirit, are pretty well gotten.

Highlights of the collection the printed tie poles, their pants structure that contrasted with more loose forms of shirts of silk and linen, the blazer cross, the floral prints present in sweatshirts, shorts and pants, about Trac in engro and white, contrasting green hues, salmon and yellow very warm. The result is very flattering.

Poplin shirts, linen jackets or jerseys point they are some of the materials that can be found in your closet. Creams and white tones contrast with the colors fluorine, one of the big winners of the collection, which especially in Bermuda and in shades of green and yellow, combine seamlessly between them. Its effect is powerful and versatile Depending on the accessories we choose to get them out.

That said, a collection very versatile, full of trends, with a personal touch (although very of gateway) and exudes cheerfulness, class, and summer spirit in all garments. Prices, as always, not so worthy find in our catalog.